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Social media can have a very big impact on reputation of a company. Because we are living in an age of information. We will be easy to get some important information by social media. Every day, people will use social media to work, shopping or have fun. So, if a company want have a successfully marketing, this company must make good use of social media. Although some people said a company shouldn’t use social media for marketing, a company should use social media for marketing because most of people use social media every day, social media enables many new ways to open the relationships, also, a company can use social media to understand what customers need and what need improvement. In the age of information, the social media is more and…show more content…
Social media has make the world become a global village. In the global village, everyone can search many different information on the Internet. “Social media marketing is an influential marketing method” (Chang, 2014). Many different countries people will see the information, if company put the information in the social media. Communication was a very big problem because different countries have different language, but the company can use social media send the different kind of language information to different countries. So social media can expand internationally market. Also, social media can use different way to show information, like news, blog, picture, website or video. Newspaper and magazine can’t use video to show those information about the company. Many people will happy to look this microblog when their friend share this microblog of the produce with an interesting video. And good company always know what’s the large target group for their produce. If the company can know what the best target group is, then the company can find that group easily in the social media platform because there have many different types social media platform, people who have different age, people who have different job or different hobbies always use different social media platform. So social media can help the company find their customers more…show more content…
Right now, social media is more and more important because people always get information from social media. The world become a global village because the existence of social media. And the social media can make customers feel more comfortable about information exchange. In the future, the social media will integrate into human life in every respects and the social media will have a mix reception. The social media will make human life more and more simple and easy, but people will can’t without social media. People just stay at home and play computer or smart cellphone. That not a good way for human life. Although the social media can give people more easily life, and also take some physical training and take some fresh fruit and vegetable every day, which will make people have healthy
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