The Importance Of My Life

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Graduating from high school was one of the most difficult objectives I could have been through. Not just because of the work, but just knowing that I was about to leave the place I had grew up in my whole life. As I walked across the stage on that crisp Saturday morning, a feeling of satisfaction flooded my body and my mind was at peace. As soon as my high was over and I touched down on the asphalt of our track thoughts of college, leaving home, and my unknown future all raced through my mind at one hundred miles per hour. Although my peers and I use to speak of how we were so ready to graduate from high school and leave our hometown, when that moment finally set in that we were about to graduate nobody wanted to depart. It was like our hearts’ were chained to our hometown like a tree hugger being chained to their respective trees. Once this bitter sweet moment left, we all geared up and prepared to set sail. Venturing off into future endeavors is usually the main…show more content…
Coming into college on a basketball scholarship has put a few barriers on how much “fun” I can have. From having six am. practice to three pm. weight lifting to seven p.m. study hall, we have no time to have any fun. We will already be too tired from the morning practice so as the day continues it only makes us want to rest our body. Even though play sports seems like a strict job, if you would call it that, there are benefits that come from it. For instance, we basketball players don’t have to worry about getting the freshman 15. Not only us, but also any other sport at this school takes practicing and workouts very seriously to ensure we are prepared for the upcoming seasons and to help us move to that next level in our careers. Also we create a close brotherhood that enables us to look out for each other no matter the
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