Personal Narrative: My Path To College

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One moment you’re entering high school and in the blink of an eye it’s senior year. The thought of college is becoming more and more prevalent in your mind as each day passes. You’re forced to make so many decisions about your future, even though you still feel like a kid. The idea of the future can feel so daunting, so unmanageable. There are so many different paths to take, whether it’s the most common one, or an entirely different one. The hard decisions lay outside your comfort zone and require drive and knowledge to choose. You can choose to take the clear-cut path or venture out on your own. I know that my path is college. In college there are so many opportunities for me to take my own path and become my own person, without letting the politics of high school get in my way. High school was a rough time for me, as it can have too much focus on the social aspect of things, rather than staying …show more content…

There is so much to be offered at ________________ University for people like me, such as intramural soccer and basketball, environmental and study clubs, and the honors college. As I’m not sure what career I’d like to pursue for the rest of my life, I’m excited to be able to explore my options in college. I am both eager and nervous to start the next chapter of my life down the unique path of my own choice. I know that what lies ahead of me may be new and scary, but I also know that if I stay true to myself and go with what I feel is best, there will always be hope in the distance no matter what choices I make. I try not to get caught up looking ahead in my future, letting my doubts and worries get to me too much. I set my goals high because I will not let anything or anyone convince me that I’m not good enough, smart enough, or experienced enough to achieve what I want to accomplish. I am determined to carve the path to my future unapologetically, and let the rest fall into

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