The Importance Of People In My Life

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In my life an abundance of people has had an impact on me, especially my family. I grew up with my twin and two older sisters and growing up with three sisters has taught me many essential concepts and lessons including sharing and taking responsibility for the things that you have done. Even though at times it was tough to have an abundance of sisters, I enjoyed it thoroughly. I always had someone I could go to, and having a twin allowed me to have a friend at all times. In addition, by having older sisters, I was able to get useful advice about school and friends. I appreciated all the help they had given me and I learned to be grateful for the advice and attention I was given. Furthermore, my parents were able to teach me vital…show more content…
The same goes for the people you meet. Some can affect you in beneficial ways and others in harmful ways. Yet, we all have something in common, the power to affect someone’s life either today or tomorrow. The people who have affected me in both the past and continue to affect me today include my teachers, my friends, and my family.. They have taught me how to not only be the best person that I can be, but also how to be a hard worker, to appreciate the people who are in my life, and to care for those people around me and not just myself. Therefore, my dream is to become a nurse where I can help others and I have the chance to learn about other lives by communicating with them. The people in my life, including my friends and family, have taught me how to be caring and how to get involved with other people 's lives. They have given me advice on how to make lasting relationships and have encouraged me to do whatever profession that makes me happy. I have chosen to become a nurse because I want to make a lasting effect on those around me. I want to be able to make a change and I want to make a living off of doing the thing I love the most which is helping others and making their lives something better. I want to make the difference in people’s lives especially since I have been raised and taught to be the caring and compassionate person I am. Lastly, I want to make

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