Personal Narrative- Girls Basketball Game Preparation

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Personal Narrative- Girls Basketball Game Preparation

Basketball seems to get into your blood. It is said by those who play, "You eat, you sleep and you play basketball." When I was a little girl all I wanted to be was a professional basketball player. I couldn't count how many times I pounded that dumb ball in our driveway until it was too dark to see, then I would play for hours more by the porch light. Now I realize that was only childish insanity. Back then they didn’t even have a girls’ profession basketball league in the states. However, that didn't stop me from walking away empty handed. One thing I learned was how to prepare oneself for life. Well, at least, how to prepare oneself for a game.

"Offense, defensive rebound-all five. Fast break into secondary. Plays we can run; Motion, Mexico, and Jordan in man defense. Navy and Red against zone. Out of bounds plays; 88, 8 Stack, Box 1 and 2. Remember to offensive rebound, four and one," I said quietly out loud to remind myself while sitting on the sweaty locker room bench. "Now defense, I need to press, stop fast break, and box out. We can do man hard, man soft, zone 2-3 or 3-2." I went on rambling as I finished getting ready.

"I can't believe this is our last home game," whined Mindy.

Shannon added, "Yeah, the season flew by so fast this year," while tying her lace up.

"Well, at least this isn't your last game. You guys all have another game to play," I complained as usual.

"Hey, I see no one is twisting your arm off, making you go to Florida, where it is such a dreadful place, always sunny and warm. What a pity. I feel so sorry for you," my best friend Rachel said teasingly. Just then Coach popped her head in the locker room.

"All right girls, you ...

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...ft," Coach said as we hurried out of the health room. She was right. There was only half the time left. Warm ups seemed to fly by, and before I knew it there were only 35 seconds left on the clock. Murray's team had already headed for the bench for their coach’s last second instructions. "Let's bring it in girls," yelled Coach Moore from our bench. We all ran over not wanting to miss any important last minute words of wisdom from Coach. "OK, starters check in, you know who you are. As I have said, they are about equal in ability with us. We need to go out there and play our hearts out tonight, girls. Enjoy this, it is your last home game this season," Coach said. With that the Ref. blew his whistle to signal the start of the game. I, with the rest of the starters, walked out onto the court and got ready for the tip off, knowing I was completely prepared for the game.