The Importance Of Friends In My Life

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Friends, they are great to have. Especially when you are going through rough times or even when you're at the highest point in your life. Overall, they are a great support system and good to have. But, not all friendships are healthy to be in.. That is where my story comes in. I was in first grade and met a girl, not naming names. Anyways, we hit it off really well. We became the best of friends. We did everything together, and when I say everything we did just about everything together. It was sort of like we were the same person. We were each others backbones when times were to get rough for one another, and we were there to celebrate when something good has happened. But, with some good times also comes with bad times as well. It all …show more content…

As the days went by I started making new friends, everyone at BHS was so accepting and nice to me. When I began making new friends she began getting jealous and more controlling. It didn't care though, I was becoming happy so I didn't care how she felt. My time at Boonville helped me so much. I met so many new and amazing people, including this guy named Riley. He is one of the people who really impacted my life. But, that is a whole other story.The new people I met didn't take advantage of me. They loved and actually cared for me. I think moving schools, and meeting new people helped me find my worth as a person. I was finally happy with myself. This was the kind of change I needed in my life in order to be happy. Eventually, I grew the courage and told the girl that I didn't wanna be friends anymore. I didn't deserve that kind of treatment and I was done with the whole situation. I need to break from that toxic friendship in order to become happy with who I am and my life choices. I needed to be my own person. Now that I have said my last goodbye to her, it felt like a weight was lifted my shoulders, which is the best feeling in your life. Now, I was getting into a better place. I could finally see some good coming into my

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