Words That Have Shaped Me

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Words That Have Shaped Me Often I sit at the computer, or with a pen and paper, and I think about what I should write. I reflect on my experiences with life, or with my feelings and emotions. If the subject that I write about is coming from my heart, I could write forever, opposed to something that I do not have interest in like the mating habits of fireflies. I don’t care about how, when, and much less why they procreate. I would always dread having to write a paper for my English class, and it was not until I discovered my own love for poetry that I began to enjoy writing. It was my junior English teacher in San Diego, Howard Estes. He allowed me to open my mind to not only the academic perspective of literature, but also to my own personal connection to this confusing written language. This newfound passion gave me a sort of sixth sense. When I look at something, I not only think about what it means to me, but what it means to the world on a larger scale as opposed to taking everything at face value. Through my own writings, and the writings of others, I have been shaped as a unique individual. My friends are very important to me and without them I do not think I would be where I am today. My second real friendship began in the middle of my freshman year of high school. I had been introduced to someone who later became one of my two best friends, Michelle Zabuska, by someone in my Theater class. Some time later, as a result to a major fight caused by a mutual friend of ours, I realized that I had to be careful with whom I trusted. It was Michelle who pointed out a quote from one of our favorite television shows, Felicity, that I realized she was my true friend in every aspect of the word. I started to look at my... ... middle of paper ... ...eve that if you have the courage to rewrite your own destiny, you have the power to do anything, which is how there can not be any wrong turns. You will never be too lost to make your way back. In my life I will encounter many obstacles, but my experiences will help me find a way around them, or if necessary, over them. I will always be influenced by the past and the past is what has made me who I am. Every word that I write with feeling, and every poem or quote that touches my heart, whether it be good or bad, will always stay with me. The words that I live my life by now may not always express who I am, but they will always be a part of me because they have helped make me who I am. Words are strong, but life is stronger. I will never lose my true self in other people‘s footsteps, and that is why the road less traveled has made all the difference in my life.
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