Types Of Relationships

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Relationships… Where do they come from? What do I think when I hear the word relationships? I think about how many types there are in your daily life. Relationships can be a good thing if you are treated right. They could be friendships, family, romantic or many more!As a result of relationships they can take over you life which can be good and bad. There are some ups and downs for all kinds of relationships. When you think of relationships do you think good or bad? “Just think you can’t pick family but you can pick friends”. Friendships are good things to have in your life, you should have a friend who treats you right, that doesn’t hurt you 24/7, make sure you can trust them. If you have a disagreement every other day maybe you are better off not as friends. Every friendship has its ups and downs which will happen with any relationships. When you are picking a friend make sure it’s someone you know well because you don’t just want to call someone your friend if you…show more content…
My experience with romantic relationships aren’t the best, at my age i’m not 100% needing/wanting love it not necessary in my life. There are some people who say I need love and will never find it if I don’t find it now which is a lie love at a young age won’t necessarily last forever. Now my experience with family love is nice and strong. There are some good reasons why I love my family and they love me back. I don’t always get to see/ be with some of them but in the end I love them because they are my family. Now friendships where do I start? Well I have some pretty great friends in my life! They are always there for me we may get in arguments but in the end they are just like family to me and it’s always good to have your friends feel like family. This is my thinking of relationships and I know i’m not even close to 100% of knowing everything about them but this is what I know about
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