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Good friends are wonderful. They're there to support you and to help you. They make you laugh and feel good. I'm lucky, I have three very good friends. Sure, I have lots of other friends. But these three people, I would take a bullet for.

We've known each other most of our school lives, but we never really "hung out" together until the seventh grade, when we all went to Junior High. There, cliques were formed; the popular and the unpopular began to separate. Most kids joined in massive groups to eat lunch. But we found each other and stayed in our group of four. Why?...because with our small group we could share our opinions and be heard. In those big groups, it's hard to get your opinions out. Another reason is because we shared a common interest: computers and computer games.

We may spend a ton of time in front of our computers, but that doesn't mean we don't have a life. I'm near the top of the varsity swim team. One of my friends is the best speech and debater out there, and he bikes like crazy. Another one has the tools and ability to build anything. And the last worked so hard in sports that he destroyed his knees pretty badly. Now he uses crutches.

The first time he had knee problems was in eighth grade. It got so bad that he actually had to miss half a year of school and stayed home with a tutor. We missed him badly, and would visit him occasionally, but we were overjoyed when he did return to school. It was great to see him walk to school without a wheelchair, without crutches, without even his cane. We welcomed him back into our circle of four and went on with school as if he never was missing.

In the beginning of his sophomore year, the knee problems came back, and with a vengeance. He had to leave school again after the first quarter. It was saddening to have to miss him again. But some of my fondest memories of this year were when three of us stormed his house as a trio and dragged him out to take him to movies, parties, etc. The feeling of completion that he brings to our circle really reinforces my feelings that we're all the best of friends.

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