The Importance Of Decriminalization Of Prostitution

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A couple American states have decriminalized prostitution, should others follow in their pioneering footsteps? Yes. The decriminalization of prostitution has been an unpopular idea in America, a Western civilization, due mainly to religious reasons. Sex, in the Western world, is seen as solely a procreation tool between a married couple, and prostitution is sexual activity for the sole purpose of pleasure and money (evils to Christians). Those in favor of decriminalization want to decriminalize in order to “call for enforcement of laws against fraud, abuse, violence and coercion to protect sex workers/prostitutes from abuse and exploitation.” ("Prostitution Law Reform: Defining Terms."). The goal for decriminalization, is a fight for protection…show more content…
In accordance to Constant, prostitutes have the right to choose to be a prostitute. The law currently does not accept their industry because it is centered around sexual activity outside of marriage; but if these men and women want to have sex whenever they please, the government needs to protect their individual freedom to select and participate in their occupation of choice. The government should protect these workers from getting abused, like protection other industries receive, instead of declaring it is against the correct morals and therefore is illegal. “Our freedom must consist of peaceful enjoyment and private independence.” (Constant 5). The prostitutes are choosing their private independence to work in the sex industry, but they are not having peaceful enjoyment because their work is considered “immoral” and illegal. To protect these women, there needs to be decriminalization in order to get the workers protection. Constant discusses how the government should be devoted to civic virtue, not solely moral virtue because people disagree on morals; his argument applies to prostitutes. The government should encourage civic virtue for those within the industry and the people buying the sex, instead of declaring the act of prostitution immoral, which could be argued by…show more content…
The first claim is the the decriminalization is a gift to the sex industry; giving dignity to industry, as well as the women. The main concern here is that the people running the industry are now normal employers. As discussed by Aquinas, not all vices can be removed, but we can regulate those employers through regulations, which is not able to be done currently. The next claim is this legislation would promote sex trafficking (sex slavery). Sex trafficking is selling people under their will into prostitution; if prostitution is decriminalized and law enforcement is able to protect and get rid of corruption, then slavery would be stopped. Slavery is not constitutional and needs to be stopped. The decriminalization is also claimed to increase illegal and street prostitution; this illegal activity is going to exist either way. With the decriminalization, the people within the sex industry are more likely to turn in the illegal and street activity to
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