Should We Decriminalize Prostitution Essay

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Should we decriminalize prostitution? Decriminalize means the removal of criminal penalties or the restrictions against something. In the article “How we should handle prostitution” by Simon Hedlin, Birgitta Ohlsson states that we should decriminalize prostitution. Decriminalizing prostitution means to remove the criminal penalties and the restrictions against prostitution. The thesis of the article is to decriminalize prostitution. Critics think by decriminalizing prostitution there would be an increase in human trafficking. In order to not decriminalize prostitution, the author says to decriminalize the selling of sex, but not the buying of sex. David Grosso is Washington Councilman. He wants to enter a legislation that decriminalize prostitution in the nation 's capital. Grosso says that America needs new laws for prostitution. The new laws that have to be made for prostitution have to “respect the fact that sex workers are human beings too." Critics think that by decriminalizing prostitution is going to get worse and increase human trafficking.
The authors of the article came up with an idea that meets in the middle of decriminalizing prostitution. The idea is to decriminalize the selling of sex but criminalize the buying of sex.
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Sweden says to decriminalize the selling of sex, but to criminalize the buying of sex. This will help protect the human rights of people in prostitution while reducing the demands for paid sex. Sweden states that decriminalizing the buying of sex would protect people and make prostitution “safer.” There will be a decrease in human trafficking. There has been a study of prostitution in different countries where the buying of sex has been decriminalized. The studies show that sex trafficking is more common. It is more common because buyers can buy sex without having any problem. Traffickers do not have any business if buyers cannot
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