Benefits of the Decriminalization and Legalization of Prostitution

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The world’s oldest profession. Escort. Whore. Hooker. Wench. Streetwalker. Call girl. Courtesan. Hustler. Harlot. No matter what you call it, we all know it as prostitution, and it is typically accompanied by a negative attitude. Montgomery College professor Susan A. Milstein, however, argues that prostitution is merely another job, saying, “Imagine a woman who is engaging in a specific behavior for money. Is that prostitution, or is it a job?” If we take away our preconceived notion of prostitutes as streetwalkers or whores and look at them as employees attempting to make a living, they become normal people in our eyes. Prostitution is often looked down upon as disgraceful or “dehumanizing” because it pertains to sex, a topic that is quite touchy in modern day American culture (Milstein, 2009). Depending upon the media outlet, prostitution is often portrayed to be an either glamorous or a distasteful profession, but if we begin to look at prostitution as just that, a profession, we can also start to question the legality of it. The decriminalization and legalization of prostitution would bring financial stability, safety, and health benefits to the profession.
Financial Stability
Prostitution is “the exchange of sex for money or other payment such as drugs” (Hyde, 489). In this sense, prostitution is a business, or providing a service or product in exchange for payment. Prostitution is a billion dollar business, and not a penny goes to federal taxes or government-funded programs. If the United States were to decriminalize prostitution, the federal government would gain millions of dollars in taxes and licensing fees. Not only would legal prostitution benefit the federal government, but it would also stimulate the job market wit...

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