Legalizing Prostitution

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Catherine Smith is a single 42 year old woman with two children. Her job as a secretary is no longer sufficient enough to cover her bills. She does not have a college degree and her job will not cover any part of tuition if she does decide to attend college. One night, while coming home late from work, she noticed women walking around on the street counting their earnings for the night. That is when she acquired the idea to become a prostitute. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines prostitution as the act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations in exchange for money. These type of situations occur on a daily basis. Some women really enjoy having sex, so why wouldn’t they want payment for it as well. Prostitution should be legalized in the United States.

Prostitution is looked down on as an immoral activity. Some people do not even consider it to be a profession. It is indeed morally wrong but maybe it is considered so because of social norms. Women who participate in this profession are seen as harlots and tramps and a disgraceful member of society. Some of these women are addicted to drugs, they have no other choice but to be involved in the profession while others have been coerced into it. Most of their backgrounds involve terrible role models while others have parents that forced them into doing these acts.

Prostitution is an internationally known trade. Internationally this trade can be found anywhere from Bangladesh to China. It is known to go back as far as 2400 BC. Within this historically and largely practiced trade comes several types of prostitution; Child prostitution, street, brothels, private, door knock, Citizens Band (CB) radio, individual, survival, and sex for drugs. Child prostitution is...

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...measure, but if fine-tuned correctly and if prostitutes are taken into account then it sure will help bring down rates.

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