Buying Sex Case Study

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• The two main views of the sex industry which are expressed in “Buying Sex” are that decriminalizing prostitution will make it better and safer for prostitutes (the abolitionist). There is also the other group who thinks that decriminalizing prostitution will make it worse for the women and some men involved in prostitution. “Buying Sex” featured a lawyer with two former prostitutes and a current prostitute who worked with them to try and get Canada to abolish its laws against prostitution. It also featured another group of women who were there advocating for all those who have been abused in the sex industry. They were former sex workers, and there was a young women whose mother was a prostitute that was murdered. They were very much involved…show more content…
Those who want to decriminalize it see it as making the conditions safer for those who choose prostitution. They think that women then have more options and will be safer if prostitution is legal. Those who wanted to keep the laws that criminalized prostitution did not blame those who were selling themselves, but they blamed the buyers and the abusers. Both sides address the legal aspect. However, those who supported the decriminalization of prostitution did not deeply address those who were pressured into it and were not happy with being sex workers. They did not want people to be pressured into being prostitutes, but they did not address the reality that many women are raised in this way of life and do not have much of a choice at all. Also, those individuals who are against the decriminalization of prostitution did not clearly address that there are some women who are happy with being sex…show more content…
Sweden still supplies prostitutes with medical support. Their legislation does not seek to prey on the poor prostitutes, but they target the buyers. The documentaries interviewed some Swedish people. Some sex workers said that they were taking away their customers. One guy that they interviewed said, “What kind of society are we?” He spoke of a society where we just say that prostitution is openly accepted. That when a boy becomes a man he is brought to a brothel. If we raise men in that society how can we tell them that women are of equal value? Even if it is not part of “becoming a man” how can we say that buying a women’s body for the use of sex is
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