Legalizing Prostitution Will Not Work Response to Mark Liberator's Article Legalized Prostitution

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Legalizing Prostitution

In the article 'Legalized Prostitution' the author, Mark Liberator, shares his views on legalizing prostitution. He believes because of women's specialized roles in society, they should be allowed to use sex as a service that can be bartered for goods and money, and by using these specialized roles, the author explains that allowing prostitution in the United States could lower a majority of murder and rape cases, and can decrease the amount of suicides and divorces. By making prostitution legal, Liberator also thinks that it will allow law enforcement to respond faster to more important crimes, help women that use prostitution as a career path, and will prevent teens from being trapped into prostitution. Though Liberator states his case strongly, and has statistics that help prove his point, his logic has holes that could even make cocaine, heroin, and other illegal drugs legal. Liberator states that our primal desires should not be ignored or suppressed, but instead should be managed. If this is the case, then should our first instincts to lie, cheat, steal, and kill should also be managed? No. Managing these things, and not suppressing them, means that we are making it legal to rob stores, lie about it, and kill anyone who disagrees with our reasons as to why we?ve committed the crime. Not only that, but if we make prostitution legal, it is possible that there could be an overflow of prostitutes, that would create larger drug chains, which could ruin our countries credibility as a safe place to live. I feel that legalizing prostitution is the first small step to that future, and that we should avoid making prostitution tolerable in America.

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...lizing prostitution will do nothing more than encourage the spread of STD?s.

In closing, the argument that the author presents falls weak in most aspects. Though he seems to have positive end results to the issue, the immoral act of prostitution still is part of the solution. As proven before, legal prostitution could lead to an excess of prostitutes that could ruin the appearance of our country, it does not control ones animal-like impulses, but merely lets them run wild, it uses sex as a drug that could lead to an increase of sex ?junkies?, the crime rate could possible increase, rather than decrease, and the spread of STD?s will not be effected positively. The best way to fix the issue of prostitution is to continue fighting it, till eventually the message gets across that prostitution is wrong, and does not lead to a profitable life financially, or morally.
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