The Importance Of College Experience In College

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As I come closer to the end of my high school career, I look forward to the future and see nothing but stress, higher education opportunities, and procrastination. The single reason as to why I have decided to involve myself in the college experience, is to achieve the optimum quality of life. The only way to conquer this goal is to direct myself towards job openings, countless, hours of schooling, and changes in the way I perform in the school setting. Chancing this college experience is designed to be expensive and challenging, however, I will deem it to be worthwhile when I’m holding my doctorate at my college graduation. Indeed, the choice to appear in college was one of my own, although everyone around presents this ultimatum: high education or McDonald’s. I do not prefer working a 9-5 job making minimum wage every hour, . tThus, college is what I picked. While I am still a high school student, it is possible to earn college and high school credit. The dual enrollment program kills two birds with one stone. Earning college and high school credits at this the same time, . tThen, those credits can be relocated to any university removing unwanted classes. So, it is possible to receive two, free years of college along with the probability of finishing with an AA degree while still in high school. Therefore, why…show more content…
Deciding to attend college, my plan, why am I going in the first place, and family college history has all influenced the reason to becoming a college student. Yes, college is the perfect mix of stress, higher education opportunities, and procrastination at its purest form. The main reason is not of an ultimatum of an institution or flipping burgers it is about helping people and without that proper training I am unable to do
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