The Importance Of Clinical Decision Making In Nursing

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It is the priority of the nurse to prove quality, effective care (NMC, 2015).
Clinical decision making is a vital skill which a nurse will hone over time and experience. There are a number of differing theories on the clinical decision making process; indeed it is an area in which there has been considerable seminal research performed in the past. There is much room for future research possibilities in this area. The ability to make effective nursing decisions is one which begins in the student phase of the nurse’s career, and continues throughout their development post-graduation into competent practitioners.
Complex care of patients provides the nurse with a myriad of decisions to be made-however, it must be remembered that although the
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In this scenario, Pam has a number of factors which make her case complex. These include COPD, Cor pulmonale, cachexic weight loss and a Grade 1 pressure ulcer. Her husband James still smokes, which may have an impact on her respiratory conditions. She has had numerous exacerbations of her COPD. While a stair life has been installed in the family home, which Pam finds useful, Pam has decided that she will no longer come downstairs and engage in daily life. During this scenario, Pam has indicated that she does not want another admission into hospital, the newly qualified nurse has noticed that Pam looks tired and depressed. The emphasis of this essay is the decision of the newly qualified nurse to ask Pam for permission to assess her for depression using a depression screening tool. Pam’s depression is potentially impacting on her decision to receive further treatment, and this in turn may lead to further deterioration in her condition.
In discussing this decision, it is interesting to develop an understanding of the differing decision making models and theories which the nurse may have at her disposal. One such model is System 1 and System2 thinking. System 1 is fast, intuitive. System 2 is slower and more analytical. The novice to expert continuum by Brenner theorises that a newly qualified nurse
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