The Importance Of Brand Loyalty

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In Indonesia, especially in big cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and Jogjakarta, several sportswear brand is very well-known among the citizens and sportswear customers. Worldwide brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and New Balance could be found in malls, shopping centers and many customers that uses their products, especially the sport footwear or sport shoes.
2.1 Brand Loyalty
2.1.1 Definition
According to, brand loyalty is when the consumers became committed to their favorite brand and repeat their purchases over time. Brand loyalty is the result of consumer behavior and is affected by consumer’s preferences. Brand loyalty could also be defined as the strength of preference for a brand compared to other available
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The second perspective is from the attitude that supposes the necessary condition of brand loyalty, which is the consistent buying, which is not enough to prove the authenticity of the brand loyalty. It has to be supported by a good attitude toward the brand to confirm the continuation of the behavior.
There are differences in the middle between repeated purchase and brand loyalty, according to Jacoby and Kyner (1973). According to Jacoby and Kyner, a set of six essential and mutual satisfactory conditions could be defined as brand loyalty. The six essentials are: non-random, behavioural reaction, expression over time, some unit’s decision making process, comparison to some other brands and finally is the function regarding the psychological (evaluation, decision making etc.) procedures. They also stated several added statements, such as verbal reports of loyalty are not enough to explain loyalty because verbal reports must be pooled with the customers’ loyal behaviour of purchasing to be defined as brand
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Switchers – Customers with no loyalty (possibly 'deal-prone', constantly looking for bargains or 'vanity prone', looking for something different).

2.2 Factors affecting brand loyalty
Lau et al. In 2006 has distinguished that customers’ brand loyalty towards particular sportswear brands is influenced by seven factors. The factors include: name of brand, quality of product, style, price, environment of store, promotional activities and quality of service.

2.2.1 Brand Name
Famous brand names can disseminate product benefits and lead to higher recall of advertised benefits and more product benefits than brand names which are not popular (Keller, 2003). Many alternatives are available with a lot of different unfamiliar brand names in the market. As a customer myself, we customers prefer bigger brand names with more powerful and trusted brand names with good reputation. Brand names that are prestigious attract more consumers to the brand with their image, and encourage customers to purchase the product of the brand and bring repeat purchasing behavior. These behaviors also provide the consumers with reduced price related switching behaviors (Cadogan and Foster, 2000). Furthermore, any links to the brand’s emotional and self-expressive utilities of differentiation are given by brand personality. This is crucial for brands that are consumed in a social setting and have minor physical differences where a visible image is created about the customer by brand
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