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SHORT CASE SUMMARY Nike, Inc. (503-671-6453, is the worlds #1 athletic shoe and apparel seller. Nike currently employs 20,700 employees, with total sales of $8.78 billion. Nike and the athletic shoe industry have evolved into one of the most competitive market in recent years. But, analysts believe that athletic shoe sales will slow down over the next few years. The slowdown will come with the change in consumer trends. For instance, the younger market is beginning to buy more casual shoes and work boots. Another reason for the slowdown is that people are buying more medium priced athletic shoes and not going for the high price brand name shoes. As a result, this is bringing Nike a lot more competition to surpass. In order for Nike to remain on top of the athletic shoe industry they must establish an exceptional global strategy. If Nike penetrates the global market successfully than this will give the company an overall competitive advantage. Nike doesn't only sell athletic shoes, but a wide variety of sporting goods and clothing. They also design, develop, and market high quality active sports apparel, equipment, and accessory products. Their huge lines of products are designed for just about every sport in existence. Their products are made for men, women, and children of all ages. Nike has 20,000 retail accounts throughout the U. S. using independent distributors and also has contracts with 110 other countries. The company also has agreements with Internet companies and subsidiaries. Nike, Inc. has many retail outlets around the world, including their famous outlet "NIKETOWN" located in major cities. "NIKETOWN" gives customers the experience to become more educated on the company's goals and objectives for their products. The store educates its customer while at same time entertaining them too. This store gives customers a chance to become more brand loyal to Nike, Inc. Over the years Nike has gained an enormous amount of consumer awareness that they have eliminated the company name from all other products. The "swoosh" logo is automatically associated with the company name by just about anyone in the world. The meaning for Nike has lived up to the company's expectations. Nike means "the goddess of victory," which is exactly what the company has had since its creation. HISTORY A competitive runner, Ph...

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...This is a major part of Nike's corporate culture, which then trickles down to Nike's management styles. Nike lets manager's keep lines of communication open and lets them determine their own decision making. The company also offers their employees something called LifeTrek. This is a benefit and compensation program that gives their employees a sense caring and trust. THE FUTURE With the increase in competition and limit of growth the U.S. athletic shoe industry, Nike is still slated to be a major leader in the market. The advertising and innovative marketing in the industry should still leave it extremely competitive. The only problem that Nike worries about are customers becoming less brand-loyal and buying cheaper athletic shoe brands. Nike is trying to make the point that it is worth spending more money on better quality made shoe, than buying a cheap shoe that will only last a little while. One major area that brings unlimited opportunities to Nike is the international market. In the United Sates, there are 4 people for every pair of Nikes, France has 11, Japan has 50, and China has 11,821. These figures show that the greatest growth for Nike is overseas.

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