The Importance Of Being Earnest Play Review Essay

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On May 25th I went to see The Importance of Being Earnest performed at the Artist Repertory Theater in Downtown Portland. The Importance of Being Earnest written by Oscar Wilde and directed by Michael Mendelson and had a cast of 8 actors, Sarah Lucht, Ayanna Berkshire, Jamie M. Rea, Linda Alper, Kailey Rhodes, Vana O’Brien, Crystal Ann Muñoz, and JoAnn Johnson. In this analysis, many things will be discussed, such as the costume choice, the set design, and the performance of two characters Lady Bracknell and Reverend Chasuble. The set of the play would often change to various characters homes. The stage was a flexiable stage and consisted of a diamond shaped black and white tile floor with steps leading up to a set white french doors. Above the doors and around the top of the last wall there was thick fancy white crown molding, this molding was also framing a large screen. The screen would alter images to fit the scene better. …show more content…

To keep the play in the original period Wallin’s used clothing that showed its age. The character of Lady Bracknell was dressed in a dark lavender loose satin gown, with oversized ball-shaped puffed shoulders and had a high and tight collar around the neck. The dress reached down to her ankles and she wore an orange belt, which pulled in the dress around her waist. She had many accessories on as well, she was wearing an oversized Victorian hat that was a lighter purple than her dress with large feathers coming out of the top and a bow on the back. In addition, she was wearing a pair of white formal gloves and was carrying a gold handbag and a hand fan. She was also wearing a gold brooch and gold dangling earrings. I think Wallin’s made these choices, not only represent the time of the play, but to also show off the wealth and class that Lady Bracknell

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