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460 words

Seascape was the second play I have ever seen in the real world, I watched several on the television. This play was about a couple who went to the beach for vacation, then ended up arguing about their life together. Suddenly, afterward, there were two beautiful creatures come to shore and was curious about the unknown creatures(humans) they have seen. They described each other’s differences to one another until all of them had a wonderful understanding, even though there were some disagreements about things. Charlie and Nancy were not so friendly or loving to each other compared to Sarah and Leslie. Seascape explores the human habit of creating illusions to fill an internal void or to sweeten the bitterness of life. However, when the lizards …show more content…

I believe this is a thrust stage since the setup was semi-circular. During the play, they used all the downstage position to act majority of the play. I loved the way the stage was set up as a beach scene, and to know most of the stages props was had more made them even more interesting. It had all the features of a beach such as the palm trees, sand, wooden walkway, and the beach sound. The lighting of the play did not really transform while they were acting. The only time the lights were very dramatic is when the first Act was about to end. I dislike the way they ended the play, they should have used curtains. It was amusing when Sarah and Leslie ended the act on their back in their submission pose. The sounds of the play were breathtaking, also they were precise when they needed to be. For example, when they needed the airplane sound effect, it was right on time. There should have been supplementary music added throughout the play in the background, even while they were acting. That would have made the play catchier and more realistic, the birds are nonstop, and the ocean sounds are always going. The conflict of the play was Man vs. Man and Man vs. Nature because Leslie the lizard and Charley the man, were extremely cruel to each other. Overall, my experience of this play was wonderful, the characters were well trained, and

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how seascape explores the human habit of creating illusions to fill an internal void or to sweeten the bitterness of life.
  • Opines that the play setup was an example of a thrust stage since it was semi-circular. the lighting was dramatic and the sounds were breathtaking.
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