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The Berry College Theatre Company put on a production titled The Nerd by Larry Shue. The cast is small and only has 7 people in it. The main character Willum, played by Alex Rodriguez, is an architect who is trying to sell a hotel design to Waldgrave, played by Stephen Stamps. Waldgrave is also married to Clelia (Hayley Westphal) and is the father of Thor (Nate Kozelle). Willum lives with his friend Axel and Tansy, played by Jack Padgett and Heather Pharis. Axel and Tansy are divorced, and there are signs throughout the play showing that Willum and Tansy are attracted to each other. The final character introduced to us is Rick, played by Tyler Hooper. Willum tells us that Rick saved his life during the war, so he is trying to make it up to him because he believes that he owes him. The setup of the stage was very simple. It was the living room of a home in the early 1980’s. It looked like a normal household, and it had small things such as crumpled up pieces of paper lying around the wastebasket. It also had a couch, circular class table and a recliner in the living room. The dining room was to the left side of the stage and only had the dining table and surrounding chairs. There was a door in the back of the set where characters entered and exited through. Beside the door was a table and stool where Willum presumably worked on his blueprints for the hotel. The lighting design was great; it put you into the atmosphere of the …show more content…

It had a lot of blues in it and really gave it that 80’s vibe. I also loved how simple the set was, and the 80’s music that was played before the play and during intermission. My least favorite aspect of this play was the ending. The ending confused me and was anticlimactic. It was not funny and not entertaining at all. Overall, I enjoyed this play. Even with the dull ending, I found it to be entertaining and a good use of my time. The cast was great and they made good use of a decent

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