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560 words

I went to see Around the World in eighty Days with a very open mind as it was the first professional play I have gone to see and after I left I was absolutely stunned. After experiencing the dynamic magic that is professional theatre I became positive I would never pay to see a film in a theatre ever again. I never thought film actors and stage actors were the same but now I know unequivocally that the two are on separate planets. The vast differences in both planets truly makes one appreciate theatre for all of its’ glory. While I never thought much of or respected actors, and why would anyone; stage actors are true workers, stage actors are true artists, stage actors are actual actors. The experience was noticeably different from the moment I walked into the theatre. One was not expected to wear a suit and tie but most of the patrons were very well dressed and the staff was actually helpful and wanted to lend their helping hands. Once inside and in my seat I felt almost as if I was at a concert as the lights went black then slowly came to light as the performers that handled the music and sound came on stage playing a merry jingle. One playing a guitar and the other a violin, they were dressed in a …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Describes how they went to see around the world in eighty days with a very open mind as it was the first professional play they have seen.
  • Describes how the experience was different from the moment they walked into the theatre. the patrons were well-dressed and the staff was helpful.
  • Analyzes how the first actor set the scene with perfectly projected narration. the actors were dressed in victorian clothing.
  • Analyzes how the scenery was pleasing to the eyes, the stage itself was circular, and the scenic design was set in various ways.

There were five actors not including the two musicians and all of them played several characters except the gentleman that played Mr. Fogg (the character that proclaims he can travel around the world in eighty days) which is not a slight to him as he did an amazing job portraying a man with a wealthy status, yet kind and good hearted. The first actor onstage that began narration was dressed in victorian clothing as the play began in England there was a vast amount of victorian clothing. When not donning victorian garbs the actors were dressed in traditional Indian clothing, along with a cowboy outfit (american portrayal), and sailors wearing pants and

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