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    Starbucks is the most well-known coffee corporation in the world and the largest coffeehouse company. Although founded by Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker, and Zev Siegl on March 30, 1971, Starbucks was really made famous by a man named Howard Schultz. Howard Schultz was born in Brooklyn, New York, on July 19, 1953. He attended Northern Michigan University on a football scholarship and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communications. Schultz first discovered Starbucks when he was working as an appliance

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    Introduction When Howard Schultz began to notice a decline in the Starbucks brand he built from a single coffee house into a multinational chain of over 15,000 locations employing over 172,000 people, he decided to begin 2008 with new direction. He reassumed the role as CEO and proposed a set of new initiatives to reenergize the company as a whole. These initiatives started at the front lines of Starbucks by changing some of the current machinery used to create espresso and coffee. Next he launched

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    Since its founding, Starbucks has become a staple in the United States and a customary sight globally. Besides the association of Starbucks with coffee, the next familiarity is the company’s pride in being efficient in social responsibility. According to the Starbucks Heritage Statement, they still root its actions on CEO Howard Schultz’s visualization for the company, “Every day, we go to work hoping to do two things: share great coffee with our friends and help make the world a little better. It


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    1. How did Starbucks create its uniqueness in the first place? Starbucks Uniqueness Starbucks grew from a small business establishment to being one of the most successful Coffee Companies. It is the uniqueness of Starbucks that enabled it to be a successful company. This has created a sense of uniqueness among the customers. This is more surprising since the company hardly puts up billboards. Its uniqueness is attached to its services and products. There is the concept of perfect coffee cup which

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    Starbucks Introduction "Rewarding everyday moments". The Starbucks Mantra clearly implies that they are not selling just coffee. They claim to be selling the coffee experience. Their coffee bars that sell specialty coffee also gives customers an ambience where they can be themselves. Starbucks advertises themselves as the third place between home and office, where you can escape, reflect, read, chat or listen. They have become the largest player in the coffee industry and is still looking for avenues

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    demographics, and product usage. For Starbucks’ current generic strategy, differentiation seems to fit it. Starbucks always concentrates on the operational changes that enhance product quality. It buys coffee farm to control sourcing and develop new coffee bean. Starbucks strives to increase value of products on as many dimensions as possible. Its products appeal to discerning customers, and require innovation in product development. The company’s diversified product: Starbucks Ice Cream that creates join

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    aiming to dominate a big amount of the stock of coffee is Starbuck. The Starbucks Organization is directing vendors, roasting, brewing, and the trademark of expertise of coffee around the globe. Starbucks is buying, roasts, and promotes whole bean and rich-brewed coffees, espresso drinks, wintry mixed drinks, also a collection of food products, coffee interrelated features and gear, a range of excellent teas, music, and so forth. Starbucks has about 23,187 store sites in sixty four nations and yet

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    "Establish Starbucks as the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world while maintaining our uncompromising principles while we grow." Starbucks began with Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegel, and Gordon Bowker in Seattle, Washington in 1971. At that time they called it Starbucks Coffee, Tea, and Spice. Their respective love for coffee and tea from around the world inspired them to venture out of their respective disciplines. With the success of a similar establishment in the San Francisco Bay Area

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    Starbucks is a corporation that offers specialty coffees, coffee beans, cold blended beverages, pastries, coffee related products and machines, and tea. Starbucks opened its first location in 1971 in Seattle. By the year 2000, Starbucks had over 3300 locations, and it is still growing. SWOT STRENGTHS: ·     2000 marked 5th consecutive year of sales increase. ·     Low long-term debt to equity ratio of 0.01, company has good financial standing. ·     1993, Opens second roasting plant in Kent, Washington

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    1. Starbucks, according to the information provided in the case, has an array of products generally associated with coffee products. Starbucks started in 1971 selling gourmet coffee. Then Starbucks expanded its product mix into different types of products lines, most likely, to better meet the needs and wants of a wider target market and thus hopefully increase sales. Starbucks new product lines included more than 30 blends and single-origin coffees, handcrafted espresso and blended beverages