The Importance Of Advertising

Our society is based on consumption. And we are all consumers, and consumption is the foundation of society. And without consumption the economy would be drained. Advertising is an integral part of consumption, and as consumers we rely on advertisement to make better choices. Using a subway advertisement and a the two article can support that.
We all buy stuffs from clothing accessories, household materials to foods, basically anything, in other words we are all consumers. And the things we buy are manufactured in a variety of ways and by many different companies. For instance, there are many places where subs are sold and subway is just one among thousands. It is their duty to make the most benefits out of their products, otherwise they would
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This makes the product more appealing. As stated in the article “ 15 basic appeals” “ The art of photographing food and drink is so advance, sometimes these temptation are wondrous caught in the camera’s lens. In my case the sub picture on the ad would make any consumer wanting to eat to eat the sub. It played a physiological role there. The picture turned our brain, as it knows what we really want thus why we want the sub really badly. On top of the physiological need my ad also has a guidance appeal on it. This guidance (according to “ 15 basic appeals”) appeal is the soccer star on the ad. Him appearing on the ad make us wanting to buy the sub, because he is a star, healthy , so if he accepts it so should I . And finally one of the last appealing needs that appear on my ad is the “need for safety”. According to the article “ 15 basic appeals” “ We are careful about our health. We consume Mazoia margarine because it has corn goodness backed by natural food traditions of the American Indians”. Based on the quote we want to buy things that are healthy, because we care about our health and a step to take to control that is by checking what we eat. And like based on the article, my ad displays a quote “ low…show more content…
With advance in tech, some manufactures would cheat us consumers by displaying some lies about their products. But that is just part of life we just have to learn from mistakes.
To conclude, overall ads benefits us as individual consumers but also the economy. It is good to know what we desires and also to know our options about products. According to the subways ad, we got shown what we desire. Also based on the articles, it is the job of the manufactures to know what is more appealing to us and make their product like

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