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  • Tennessee Essay

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    Have you ever wanted to know about what it is like in Tennessee? Then, this is the place to find it. This paper also has the history of some of the famous battles that happened there. Have you ever seen the land of Tennessee? The terrain reaches from the Appalachian Mountains to the Mississippi River and the area reaches to 41,220 miles. The highest point is at Clingmans Dome at 6,643 feet. above sea level, and the lowest point is the Mississippi River at 182 feet. The neighboring states are Mississippi

  • Historic Jonesborough, Tennessee

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    Historic Jonesborough, Tennessee Jonesborough is the oldest town in Tennessee; consequently, it draws people from all over the world. The town is known for its great amount of visitors during the story telling festival, Jonesborough Days, and during the fall, when some just like to roam the streets to check out the many interesting shops. For the first-time visitor, I recommend that your first stop to be to the Visitors Center. There are so many things to do in this small town you really

  • Knoxville, Tennessee

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    The Fun Atmosphere of Knoxville, Tennessee Knoxville, Tennessee, keeps its citizens and visitors busy with many options for shopping and food at places like The Old City and the college strip. The town also makes for a cheap vacation spot with high-energy nightlife. The city gives its visitors a wide variety of shopping options from the antique and thrift shops of the Old City to the West Town Mall and ritzy plazas of West Knoxville. The antique shops of the Old City prove to be a hot

  • Gatlinburg, Tennessee

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    has become an area that East Tennessee State University students go to visit. Gatlinburg offers something for many; however, the city has some growing pains such as traffic and limited space. Thus, the city of Gatlinburg offers many things that a traveler could need and want, provided that he or she is willing to overlook the city’s rapid growth. Entertainment in the area is targeted at a wide variety of age groups and interests that include some of East Tennessee State University students. Gatlinburg

  • Tennessee Williams

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    Tennessee Williams Thomas (Tennessee) Lanier Williams born March 26, 1911 in Columbus, Mississippi. The second of three kids. His father a shoe salesman and his mother the daughter of a preacher. Williams lived a family life of turmoil. His family often engaged in violent arguments during his youth. Williams got his first taste of fame in 1929 when he took third place in a national essay contest. Williams started college at the University of Missouri until his father forced him to quit

  • Living In Memphis, Tennessee

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    Memphis is the second largest city in Tennessee after Nashville. It has a population of around 1.4 million people. Memphis is located on the Mississippi River in the south-western corner of Tennessee. It is a major commercial and industrial center and is also one of the principal wholesale and retail cities in South Tennessee. What is it like to live in Memphis TN? Here is some information about living in Memphis, TN: Vibrant Downtown: Over the past two decades, downtown Memphis has rejuvenated

  • Personal Narrative: Moving To Tennessee

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    Not too long ago I had an uncle of mine who passed away in Nashville Tennessee. A day after my uncle’s death, my mom was notified through a phone call of the incident. After my mom decided to take charge of this situation, we heading to Tennessee to come across peaks and valleys. At first we were given help physically with transportation, then we got hurt emotionally by the people closest to us, And at last because some looked after us, a new faith healed us emotionally. Going through this experience

  • A Visit to the Bristol Caverns in Tennessee

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    A Visit to the Bristol Caverns in Tennessee The Bristol Caverns are over 200,000,000 years old and were used as a secret way of travel for the Cherokee Indians (http://www.tenntrips.com). Being located in Bristol, Tennessee, the caverns are a part of the Appalachian Mountain Region. The Bristol Caverns are underground and considered a historical monument. During your visit to the caverns you can learn about history, while getting your exercise, at an affordable price. The Bristol Caverns

  • Memphis, Tennessee and Music

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    Memphis, Tennessee is known for its music. It brought great artists such as Elvis Presley, Isaac Hayes, and Otis Redman. However, one of that artist that does not get the attention that he deserves is Rufus Thomas. Many people say that he gave Memphis the “Memphis Sound.” In 1953 Rufus Thomas wrote Sun Record’s first hit “Bear Cat,” a song that attracted attention because of its similarities to the prior version “Hound Dog” and its sexual content. Many people try to argue that the song has a deeper

  • The Plays of Tennessee Williams

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    Tennessee Williams was known as one of the greatest and most controversial playwrights in American history. He once said “I believe that writing or any form of creative work was never meant by nature to be a man’s way of making a living, that when it becomes one it almost certainly loses a measure of purity” (Lewis 54). This statement shows that Williams was a genuine writer who used his plays and poems to express his own thoughts. Williams was known for his Southern Gothic writing style. This is

  • Tennessee William's The Glass Menagerie

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    Tennessee William's The Glass Menagerie Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. -- Albert Einstein. The most important theme in The Glass Menagerie is the difficulty people have in accepting and relating to reality. As a result of their inability to overcome this difficulty, the characters withdraw into a private world of illusion to find the comfort they can’t find in real life. Out of the three Wingfield family members, Laura probably is the one living furthest

  • The Personal Strife of Tennessee Williams

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    The Personal Strife of Tennessee Williams Tennessee Williams was a well renowned playwright, who highlighted his personal experiences in his plays and stories. He had a colorful life and he enjoyed writing about what was considered taboo subjects in the 1940's, 1950's and the 1960's. Williams explored homosexuality, alcoholism, violence, greed and sex. He also infused humor into his work. Williams dissected the traditional American family, and he penned many stories about dysfunctional

  • Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie

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    Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie We all have illusions. We can hardly live without them. Most of the time they are harmless thoughts about things that are usually unattainable. An example would be when a person sees something that they want and then dreams of having it. Whenever someone holds an opinion based on what they think is true, or in some cases what should be true, rather than what actually is true, then that is an illusion. Illusions sometimes help people cope with painful situations

  • Tennessee Williams' Life and The Glass Menagerie

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    Tennessee Williams’ Life and The Glass Menagerie The Glass Menagerie first opened on March 31, 1945. It was the first big success of Tennessee Williams’ career. It is in many ways about the life of Tennessee Williams himself, as well as a play of fiction that he wrote. He says in the beginning, “I give you truth in the pleasant disguise of illusion'; (1147). The characters Tom, Laura, and Amanda are very much like Williams, his sister Rose, and his mother Edwina. We can see this

  • Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie

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    this play were both useful and annoying. I say that they were useful because they helped me to understand the plot and the characters motives and actions easier and better. But they were annoying because there were so many of them, and at times Tennessee Williams was overly descriptive in his stage directions. This play made me think about how people with disabilities are treated. I had always thought that in the thirties and forties, being disabled was not accepted. But after reading this play

  • Tennessee v. Garner 1985

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    Name:     Tennessee v. Garner Citation:     No. 83-1035, 83-1070 (1985) Facts:          On October 3, 1974, Memphis Police Officers Hymon and Wright were dispatched to answer a “prowler inside call.” When the police arrived at the scene, a neighbor gestured to the house where she had heard glass breaking and that someone was breaking into the house. While one of the officer radioed that they were on the scene, the other officer went to the rear of the house hearing a door slam and saw someone

  • Use of Metaphor in Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie

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    Use of Metaphor in Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie In The Glass Menagerie, by Tennessee Williams, the glass menagerie is a clear and powerful metaphor for each of the four characters, Tom, Laura, Amanda, and the Gentleman Caller. It represents their lives, personality, emotions, and other important characteristics. Laura is the owner and caretaker of the glass menagerie. In her own little fantasy world, playing with the glass animals is how she escapes from the real world in order

  • Butler, Tennessee

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    friendly people, various activities, such as water sports hiking, and the wonderful landscape in the town of Butler, TN, make it one of the premier vacation spots and home sites in the nation. Butler is located on the very northeastern tip of Tennessee. Approximately 40 miles from the ETSU campus on Highway 67, one will first cross the Butler Bridge overlooking Watauga Lake. Then about a mile later the road begins to descend into the little town of Butler. Most of my family has lived in Butler

  • The Portrayal of Women in the Work of Tennessee Williams

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    Adjustment Tennessee Williams has become one of the most well known literary figures in modern America. His plays are often controversial because of his preoccupation with sex and violence and his fearlessness to probe the dark areas of human life. Williams's earlier work often inspired his later plays and basic character types often reappear throughout each of his plays. A reoccurring theme in each of his plays is the role of the female. The women featured in the plays of Tennessee Williams all

  • Tennessee Williams Impact On Society

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    Tennessee Williams is known for his ability to portray the unspeakable and force people to face their disputes in the most artful form. He is clearly a professional at one-upping everyday problems, but there are many different reasons why Williams decided to expose these real life issues to not only America, but the world. “A playwright is concerned, as an artist, to present a slice of life or of human experience.” (Reid 440). Many of his works are rumored to be based off of actual experiences,