The Image of Nursing

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Throughout time the world’s image on Nursing has evolved rapidly. Nurses work in an extremely stressful environment and must carry out their duties in a professional manner to ensure proper procedures are followed throughout their routines. They also have a considerable amount of responsibility that comes with their career. For those reasons nurses must present themselves in a professional and structured manner at all times. The Image of Nursing describes how people in and out of the profession see nurses. Nurses must protect and continuously improve their image by fully applying themselves to their profession every day. Nurses complete rigorous course studies to obtain the ability to manage themselves and lead others towards a common goal; a better image of nursing. Nursing was not once seen as promising as it is seen today. In older times being a nurse was greatly undermined, and through leaders in the profession they have been able to create the image they represent today. Some still see nursing as less of a profession than others, but this is where nurses can control what that image consists of by managing themselves as well as their surroundings.
Management Application
Every nurse applies management to his or her everyday roles to some degree. To be a nurse one has to manage a numerous amount of techniques and skills in order to accomplish specific tasks. These tasks frequently require nurses to work with others in, as well as out of their profession. The Image of a Nurse is depicted from several key factors. One of the most important being the way they manage themselves as well as their patients and co-workers. Nursing is seen as a promising profession, however many do not know of the intense education a nurse undergoes. Th...

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