The Human Mind And How The Mind

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Throughout the years, the study of psychology has helped society have a better understanding of the human mind. As we all know, psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and how the mind functions. It is essential to have a general understanding to help us interpret people 's personalities and behaviors. It is difficult to perceive a person 's personality and explore interpretations on why certain attitudes are exposed. Usually, we confront situations that make us act or behave unusual and occasionally these behaviors are brought upon unconsciously. Everyone has a different reactions depending on the circumstances. However, in 1936, Gordon Allport and H. S. Odbert proposed a hypothesis that could explain people 's personalities a little better. The following statement is known as the Lexical Hypothesis. "Those individual differences that are most salient and socially relevant in people 's lives will eventually become encoded into their language; the more important such a difference, the more likely it is to become expressed as a single word" (Seven Counties Services, Inc.). In other words, Allport and Odbert wanted to discover single words that could describe people 's personalities. Before discussing the Big Five Personality Traits, it is essential to know where and how these traits were developed. Initially, Allport and Odbert searched through, possibly the only two, extensive dictionaries accessible at the moment. From these two references, they were able to obtain roughly about 18,000 personality words. Both researchers were able to eliminate many of the words, leaving only 4,500, and focused mainly on the adjectives that would make it easier to describe the personality traits. Exactly a decade after, in 1946... ... middle of paper ... ...ays willing to experience new things. I also find my level imagination and artistic interests inaccurate. My imagination level was 11 and artistic was 33. I am a photographer and enjoy making films as well which requires me to use my imagination frequently. In regards to the Barnum Effect, I cant determine whether I am susceptible with some of the findings. For example the finding of Thorne. The finding stated that people with high scores are most likely to agree with the accuracy of the test rather than those who scored low. Based on my results, my scores varied, some were high and some were low. I was optimistic of the results when they were high, but pessimistic when I scored low. Based on these results, I am a little skeptical when determining the effectiveness of the personality test. I conclude some of my results to be accurate but also some that are incorrect.
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