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The Golden Rule - Honesty As an undergrad student in her third year of school, I get asked a lot what I want to do with my future. And if I do not answer it with enough insight or evidence that I know what I am doing, then I feel like I look like a complete idiot to most. What I tell people is that I have a hunger for counseling; I want to be able to give people meaningful advice on their daily lives, their personal problems, and their personal thoughts. What is important to me is that I learn to be personable to everyone around me. I want to be expressively honest, yet a constructive influence on my clients, my friends, and my family’s life. As the year 2014 came to an end, I was at a point in my “coming of age” where I decided to make a life changing decision for myself. I had several friendships and relationships that were tested by hardships of trust and communication. With the chance to start fresh with a whole year and a whole new semester ahead of me at school, I decided to make a New Year’s Resolution that I would stick with. I’m not talking about a work…show more content…
I think about how I overcame situations of hate or high tensions with my friends and family and how well I have been able to get my points across. I am naturally a feisty gal at times when it comes to insubordinate behavior or attitude, or easily annoyed, if you would. But people have also witnessed my honesty, my growing ability to upkeep decency in tough times. I am not afraid to lay down the law of how I feel and how I feel things should go. But I have learned how to get my opinion across to people in a manner that is understandable. I have begun to achieve that attitude that I want for myself, and my close ones have begun to notice as well. Being able to overcome my personal adversity is the biggest defeat of my life thus

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