The Honest Truth about dishonesty

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Why do we lie to ourselves? Why do we deceive ourselves into thinking that we are something that we are not? In reality most people will find that they are not who they appear to be. We seem to hide our true feelings and thoughts from ourselves, and others. Being comfortable in living a lie endangers our ability to be inspired, hence limiting our actual self from thriving into something much more than we already are. We obviously are conscience and aware when we lie to others, but we don’t like to believe the fact we commonly lie to ourselves as well. Humans are both the deceivers and the deceived. We do not initially realize that we are lying to ourselves, because we distort the truth to justify our actions. We don’t tell the lie aloud to anybody, and nobody knows it so we just pretend that the lie didn’t happen. This dishonesty within us happens to protect, and maintain our self-esteem. This includes avoiding unacceptable thoughts and refusing to think about reality. When lying to ourselves we sacrifice our integrity and lose touch with the truth. This causes us to lose our ability to understand ourselves clearly, and we can mix up what is true and what is not true. Americans are an excellent example of people who lie to themselves daily. Every day we are living in a lie. Everyone in the United States says, and believes that we have unlimited freedom, liberty, and justice. But we need to face the truth and realize that the government is a lie. How can we believe the government, when they don’t believe us? They enclose us with loads of propaganda and sugarcoat every bad situation to make it seem somewhat better. Christof, the director of The Truman Show stated, “We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.” This quote exemplifies how Americans live in a lie. We are presented “the land of the free, and the home of the brave,” which we have to a
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