Statement Of Purpose For Early School Counselor

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Individuals’ perceptions of their life/worth have the power to control the goals that they can carry out and meet. Every day we are learning new things and everyone has his/her own unique ways of learning. My strong desire to help students with their academic, personal, and social needs make me a strong candidate as a school counselor. While completing my undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Program Administration I learned a great deal about myself. I have a passion for learning and want to share and express that love for learning with students. I feel that the Master of School Counseling program provides a direct path to my career goals of helping students to comprehend subject matter while learning to love learning as I do. Not only will …show more content…

I have seen that The Masters of School Counseling degree provides students with a chance to learn more about their inner selves and abilities. Not only will this program prepare me for life beyond the classroom, but it will also provide me with the opportunity to offer the needed support to the students with whom I will be working. When students develop a positive and trustworthy relationship with a School Counselor, there is no limit to the things that they can accomplish. School systems shouldn’t just teach content knowledge, they should also offer real world experience. Sharing simple things about our lives can be used as a tool when teaching. I feel that students can overcome obstacles they have experienced in their lives and begin to find many successes that encourage them to be the best that they can be. One of the biggest ways I think children find success is when their curiosity creates creativity “getting the wheels turning”. During my undergraduate program at Piedmont College, I observed in many classes in which it was clear the students had a variety of abilities and skills. While observing techniques that the teachers utilized I learned that there is a great deal of strategy involved in teaching, mentoring and guiding

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