The Insufficiency Of Honesty Analysis

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Through out history people have been influenced by what they want to hear and the way a current trend is happening. The evolution of mankind has drifted towards a different society than what we where born to sustain. We are emotionally driven human beings that want to feel accepted by the rules of society. Sometimes an individual can confuse actions or emotions towards trying to fulfill the standards society has imposed. I have analyzed two articles that incorporate how a society reacts towards integrity as well as honesty and the belief that an individual in order to be a part of society one must comply with the standards that are set. As I began to interpret what Stephen L. Carter explained in “The Insufficiency of Honesty” I examined they…show more content…
Stephen L. Carter goes on to say, “Although honesty is a virtue of importance, it is a different virtue from integrity” meaning that it is related to integrity but does not define all of it. As individual will listen to what they wan to hear without knowing the true definition of a word like integrity. There is more to it than just speaking the words a person must understand the true definition. A society looks at the word integrity as everyone speaks of this work but society does not know anything rally about it truly. In example to what Carter beliefs that many individuals act up selfishness because society has made them believe that by saying the truth yes do help oneself but is not an act of integrity when the truth hurts those around. The way to look at is society as a whole is becoming more a person can be entirely honest without ever lifting a finger during the hard work of discernment that integrity. Carter gives this example as to how integrity is close to honesty but at the same time not quite. A Carter’s mother use to say, “You don’t have to tell people everything you know” know that a person can be honest but not have integrity which only makes honesty worth
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