The Gap Year

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not only for traveling but also for just getting through college. I think a student could afford to find money for their own airfare. This is better than completely funding their gap year themselves in my opinion.
With positives come negatives. The negatives of taking the gap year include friends being ahead of others in colleges, a student may have to attend a community college before they could get into a university, or you could just be wasting your time (Why Take a Gap Year). When students graduate high school they usually plan on going to college the following year and by taking a gap year they might be the odd ones out because they would be a year behind their graduation class. Universities usually accept people right out of high school. They would have less of a chance to get accepted by taking the following year off prior to graduating. A student could possibly be wasting their time by taking the year off. By the end of one’s gap year they could still be unsure with what path they want to take for your studies and career. This is also a reason people doubt The Gap Year.
While researching I came across a book reviewing another book on The gap Year that includes a lot of different points. One section that really caught my attention was talking about why students take a gap year. Firstly, it is stating that students take a year off so that they can take a break from education (Why Young People, 37). As i have said before a lot of students generally need a break from school and stress. Secondly, this book is saying that some students go into The Gap Year without really knowing what they’re doing during their time off. I think they are saying that if a student is not sure what they are going to be doing during their time off ...

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...without even having an idea of what they want to do with their future. I now see that by going into college without having a clear, set decision on what a student wants to do could also make one waste a lot of their time and money. I wouldn’t want to waste my money studying something that I do not want to advance on to later in life.

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