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  • Graduation Day

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    For most people their graduation day is one of the best days of their lives. No more high school, and for some it means that they are now able to move out on their own and embark on the independent journey of college. In my case my graduation day started out to be a great day but turned out to be one of the worst. It is almost as if I wish I never had a ceremony. If there wasn't graduation ceremony there wouldn't have been an accident. On June 13, 2011, I woke up a happy and excited 17 year old

  • Graduation Speech

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    Congratulations everyone, congratulations. If you're participating in this graduation ceremony, you've taken the next step toward your future goals and dreams. For those of you that just finished your transfer degrees, congratulations. To those of you that came back to school after a few years off to get a better education, congratulations. To those of you that came to get a certificate or learn IT or computer programming so you can get a better job, congratulations. Now that you're moving on

  • Graduation Speech

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    Good evening parents, teachers, honored guests and soon to be graduates. My name is Ed Burrower, I'm the senior class president. A few weeks ago, I was told that I would be speaking at graduation. I was asked to put together a speech for tonight -- I've become experienced at speech writing over the past couple of weeks. The speech that you are hearing is the fourth one I've written, the recycle bin needs to be emptied at home and I need a new highlighter. Thank you, Mr. Mier, you get an "A+" for

  • Graduation Speech

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    Must either build a stumbling block or stepping stone. Builders for eternity ... what an awe-inspiring thought: That you and I not would be, nor could be, but are builders for eternity. On this day, the seventh of June 2006, at our high school graduation night, the night we say goodbye to the structured life high school offers, the night we say goodbye to friends and teachers that have impacted our lives in so many ways. This night, as we bid farewell and invite the broad, new horizon ahead of us

  • Graduation Speech

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    Welcome staff, students, family, and graduates. Today marks a special day in our lives. Today is the day of our graduation. It seems with every graduating class there is a certain amount of responsibility placed on the graduates. For this year’s class it is no different, in fact more has been placed on this class than any others in history. The Class of 2006 is going to shape our world for the 21st century; the Class of 2006 is going to improve our lives and our country. We can talk all we

  • Graduation Speech

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    Hello, Class of 2012. We're graduating. June 12 is the day we have worked toward for the past 12 years. We have reached the time where we say good-bye to Hayes and hello to our futures outside its hallowed walls. Our teachers have taught all they can about life's many obstacles and pitfalls, and even taught us a few tricks on how to work them out. Every year we have met new teachers who have made such an impact on our lives that we keep in contact throughout the years. They gave us memories

  • Graduation 2001

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    First of all I would like to thank everyone for coming out tonight for the 2001 Palo Verde graduation. I am honored to be speaking in front of the class of 2001. I congratulate all the graduates on a job well done. Sitting here shows a great deal of work and dedication. Graduation is a time to remember the last four years at Palo Verde. Some of us have great memories that we will hold close to us and others may think about the struggles and hardships that we went through. But the point is that it’s

  • Graduation Speech

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    Good afternoon. Today I have been asked to speak about graduation past, present and future. My first graduation occurred when I finished kindergarten. This is often where we learn the most basic of principles. This is what I learned: Share everything. Play fair. Don't hit people. Put things back where you found them. Don't take things that are not yours. Say you're sorry when you hurt somebody. Wash your hands before you eat. Don't forget to flush. Warm cookies and

  • My Graduation

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    gift. With fancy inscription, my gift was entitled “Class of 2009”. I had just graduated. “Ok seniors, everyone settle down and take your seat with your name on it”. The principle conducted everyone as we prepared to get ready for our practice graduation walk. Amusement and volume suffocated the gym as everyone scurried to find their name. I discovered my seat long before any of my classmates and was more then ready to get it over and done with. Not seeing an interest in the joy I simply crossed

  • Graduation Speech

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    family, staff, fellow students: Instead of taking up more time and reading my speech, it is available to you at http://www.olen’ Thank you. No, just kidding. But seriously folks... Today we are gathered here to celebrate our graduation from 12 long years of schooling. The education granted to us has been a privilege. One so graciously given to us by the citizens of our state, by our community, and by our parents. Today would not be possible without them. So far this evening