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A gap year is a period, typically one academic year, taken by a student as a break between secondary school and higher education. Many students consider taking a gap year because they are longing to get work experience and be sure of a career path before they make the decision to head off to college. During those one or two years off before heading to college, students have the opportunity to travel the world, work, experience different jobs, or simply take a break from school. Some parents do not agree with their young adults taking a break from school because they worry that their child will not do something productive with their free time. Although students taking a gap year run the risk of becoming inattentive or accustomed to making some quick cash, and not returning to school, there are numerous benefits for a young adults. young adults to take a gap year off before heading to college; for instance, many colleges want students that are mature and have some work experience.…show more content…
Van Thompson states that “68.3 percent of students who graduated high school in 2011 were enrolled in college.” (Thompson, Van. Nov.2015) In other words, what Van is saying is that only 31.7 percent of students that graduate from high school do not attend college. Margaret Loftus states “ They may disapprove and discourage you from taking a year off. They may also believe that taking a gap year will lead you to discontinuing your studies altogether. The world-famous scholar Margaret Loftus is stating that people are disapproving of a gap year and the the disapproval cause will the student not to finish schooling. ( Loftus,Margaret. How a Gap Year Can Make Students Successful." U.S. News Education. U.S. News.

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