The Future Of Nursing And Nursing Practice

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Introduction The health care system and nursing practices are undergoing rapid changes, which are as well becoming complex. Preparing nurses balance these changes is a significant challenge. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) report explored how nursing profession has to change to bring out a more solid health care system. As a result of these changes, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) decided to examine “Future of Nursing, Leading change and Advancing Health” (Creasia & Fribery, 2011). This paper will discuss the impact of the 2010 IOM report on nursing Education, nursing Practice with emphasis on primary care, its effects on present nursing practice, and the nurse’s role as a leader. Effect of IOM report on nursing education The IOM reported the aim of future of nursing is to create improvement in the health of Americans through nursing profession, also to meet need of the different environmental health settings in which they will practice. It is important nurses get advanced education and training. IOM recommended “80 per cent of nurses to get BSN in nursing by the year 2020” (Institute of medicine, 2010). Doing this will enable those nurses to use their critical thinking skills and research to enhance quality of nursing care. The understanding is that nurses need to achieve advanced…show more content…
Nurses are active, they see policies as what they can restructure or change, instead of taking it as what has been imposed on them. They are involved in policy development as well as working together as one profession. As nurses, they participating in decision making regarding health policies, as well as taking part in implementations associated with changes in health care. Currently, nurses are serving “on advisory committees, commissions, and boards” (Cohen, M. & Walker, A. 2010). Policies and decisions in these areas will help to advance patient care in health
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