The Factor of Consolidation of the Mankind

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The Factor of Consolidation of the Mankind

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ABSTRACT: The aspiration of people almost everywhere to construct a public life on the basis of justice is the predominant tendency in the historical development of humankind. The natural world in which we dwell is, from the standpoint of our using its resources to satisfy our vital needs, one and indivisible. Thus, the public conditions of human activity in the economic, social, and political spheres should be brought into harmony with nature's conditions. This requires the consolidation of the efforts of nations and peoples-their mutual integration. The significance of spiritual and philosophical preconditions of this process is crucial, as the transformation of society on the principles of justice, from the standpoint both of history and of present-day reality, is possible only on the basis of knowledge of the foundations of human vital activity. I discuss efforts being made toward this end in the young, independent nation of Uzbekistan, there are certain.

In our epoch the alarm is being heard: it is reminding peoples, countries, states and governments that mankind, in it's historical development, for a long time has approached that responsible boundary, where the problem of the universal construction of public life on the basis of justice assumes the role of a certain categorical imperative. The present approach has been prepared historically, economically, technologically, socialogically, politically, and, above all, — spiritually.

Everything: labour, morals, art, religion, family, ethnic and national communities, state formations, science and etc. have the purpose, directly or indirectly, of reaching the utmost generalized integrative purpose of all people of the Earth, — to have a happy life, worthy of a human .

The way to acheive this goal was long and thorny. It wasn't easy to understand that fairness must become a reality for all, or it would not exist for anyone. I.e., it should not be reached for some at the expense of or infringement of the rights of others.

Our planet, the Earth, is the home of all mankind. The human race is uniform. The natural resources allocation of the Earth, — the dwelling of mankind, — isn't proportional to frontiers. Hence, the economic, technological, social and political development of mankind should be also integrated, working together in unison and precise balance.

By means of an ideologically contributing factor there can appear, first of all, spirituality, as a generic attribute of mankind, representing the profound, motivating, incentive substance of its vital activity.

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