Gun Control Effects on Violence

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Gun Control laws can potentially affect violence rates in a number of ways. Guns could provide protection, put people at risk, encourage crime or even cause death. The availability of guns could could enable violent crimes or possibly help to stop them (Kleck and Paterson 2). Many criminals choose guns in violent actions over other weapons most likely due to their accessibility and long range threat. Some people believe you should control guns, while others believe there is nothing wrong.
Guns are not all bad they provide protection and have recreational benefits. When guns get in the wrong hands is when violence occurs. Keeping them out of the wrong hands is more difficult than you would think; “30 to 40 Percent of all guns in circulation were purchased without a licensed firearm dealer.” Many stolen guns are used in crimes with 500,000 guns stolen on average each year (Ludwig, Cook 4). People argue that if you take away guns you can reduce violence but, violence can occur without guns. If you take away a childs toy are they going to stop having fun or find another thing to play with? Although guns make for more lethal crime they can also be used to fend off crimes(Ludwig, Cook 3). Guns are a necessity for many families in the United States, especially in the south. Many people believe that the number of guns affect violent crime rates. In the 1960s and 1970s the United states had an increase in violent crime rates; in the 1990s violent rates dropped substantially. The amount of guns owned by Americans increased every year(Burger, Warren 13). The amount of guns in circulation will keep increasing and the violent crime rates will fluctuate with other variables if this stays true. The Kansas City Gun Experiment, a test where poli...

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...gly use them?
Although some forms of violence may occur without the use of guns are their other benefits to controlling guns? Gun violence causes expenses of around $100 billion a year with the majority of damages due to criminal assault(Ludwig, Cook 5). Will limiting guns eliminate these expenses or will the same expenses occur by other methods?
Guns can be used for recreational use, protection, and unfortunately violence. Gun control has advantages and disadvantages but, which outweighs the other? If guns are controlled will it stop violence or will people find ways around it? Suicide is an unfortunate form of violence and without guns will it still occur? Does the availability of guns encourage violence or is it the people that use them wrong? Guns can be used to cause violence but, will violence stop just because guns are gone or will people find other ways?