The Evolution Of Pink: The Evolution Of Pink

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The Evolution of Pink
When you hear the word pink, what do you think of? Do you think of Barbie? How about her impact on your life today? Many people aren’t aware of how much a little doll has influenced society today, positively and negatively. From her specific figure to her barrier breaking careers, Barbie has influenced society tremendously in the past 55 years.
Barbie was created through selective breeding: what the customer wants, what’s going on in pop culture, what the parents are willing to buy for their children. etc. (Teresa) In 1959, that’s exactly what Ruth Handler thought. Traveling to Switzerland for business, she discovered a life changing toy: The Bild Lilly doll. In America during the early 1900’s, the only dolls that were made for young girls were baby dolls. Ruth wanted to take a more mature approach to the toy industry and that’s how Barbie was born.
Barbie was named after Ruth’s daughter, Barbara. She wanted a doll that young girls could relate to. So she created a “Teenage Fashion Model.” With an impossibly hourglass figure, her wasp-waist, pointy breasts (which were in fashion in the 50’s), slim hips and never-ending legs, Barbie was an idol for most young girls. Although, the parents of these young girls disagreed with the appearance of the doll. Many parents said she looked more like a sex pot than a toy for young girls. (Teresa) Her black lined sultry eyes, pointy brows, and red lips were very adult like characteristics. Although her appearance worried parents, Barbie was a hit in the industry. Within the first year, over 300,000 Barbies were sold for $1-$3 a doll. With over 150 careers, Barbie has been an idol to many girls all over the world.
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...ith accessories such as hats and a few different wigs. (Daily Mail Reporter.)

As you can see, Barbie isn’t a vulgar doll. She may have her negative perks but overall, she is a wonderful influence. Being one of the most controversial dolls in history, Barbie has broken barriers for women all over the world. Many parents don’t understand the benefits that Barbie provides for young girls. They only look to the negative side of her. Confidence is one of the biggest pros for Barbie. Young girls want to express themselves through fashion and makeup and Barbie is the biggest idol for that specific thing. Mattel has made over $88 billion dollars with the production of the Barbie doll. Barbie is an important impact on society because she has influenced women around the world to follow their dreams and helped women gain their rights. It’s amazing what a little pink can do.
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