Banning Barbie

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There has always been controversy as to whether Barbie should be banned. Barbie dolls were created decades ago so little girls can play with them and relate to them somehow; therefore, Barbie should not be banned. Barbie dolls are good for society, little girls have understood diversity, and they enjoy playing with them; however drawbacks would be that some little girls do not have the maturity to appreciate the symbolic value of a Barbie doll, it has become an obsession to look like her and, she is not an appropriate role model.
According to Lisa Belkin, Barbie is good for society because she’s fun to play with and she encourages little girls to use their imagination and dream big. Many young girls who play with Barbie dolls have realized that she is just a doll. Some of these little girls don’t have the desire to look like Barbie; they just think Barbie is just a doll that they play with and leave them everywhere. At a young age girls are given their first Barbie doll and thought what “perfect” should be. Barbie portrays the perfect image and life. Not only is Barbie tall, skinny, and beautiful, she has all the luxurious accessories to match her perfect life. To go along with her perfect life she is accompanied with the perfect boyfriend, family and dream house.At a young age girls are also being influenced by this doll, what they should look like, and what kind of life they sgould lead. Young girls strive to achieve this look which is life threatening to obtain. Regardless to the changes they made to Barbie, she is still far from real. Little girls that are mature enough don’t strive to look like Barbie because she’s just a plastic doll.(, 9). According to “The Intentions behind the creation of Barbie”, Barbie dolls ...

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...because she is just not a pretty picture to young boys and young girls.
Although there are many Americans that believe that Barbie should be banned because of her negative influence, research clearly shows that the Barbie doll brings children no harm. Barbie dolls are good for society because little girls have understood the diversity through the use of Barbie’s ethnic different. Little girls enjoy playing with this doll. Barbie, therefore, should not be banned. It’s time to drop the controversy about Barbie and accept the fact that she is just a Barbie.

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