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    1) What was Jill Barad’s primary goal for Mattel in 1996? What strategy did she choose in order to pursue these goals? Answer: The primary goal of Jill Barad for Mattel was to increase earning per shares by 15% per annum compounded before the effects of any acquisitions. The following are the 4 elements of her strategies: 1.     Continue with the highly profitable practice of extending the company’s existing brands (e.g. she had plans to further develop a line of collectible Barbie dolls); 2.     Develop

  • Mattel Case Study

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    Mattel is a company that’s business is to design, manufacture, and market toys. Mattel toy brands included best-selling brands such as Barbie, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, American Girl, and Tyco, as well as Fisher-Price brands, including Little People, Power Wheels, and a wide range of entertainment-inspired toys (Lawrence and Weber, 2011). According to the text, Mattel had a lengthy reputation of being a responsible toy manufacturing company. Mattel was recognized as one of the best corporate companies

  • The Mattel Barbie Doll

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    Barbie dolls released onto the global market per year (Enriquez), the web of relations among factories, shipping companies, toy distributors, Mattel offices and etc. for the production and consumption of Barbie dolls are numerous. To date, over half a billion Barbie’s have been sold in more than one hundred and forty countries. Each week, Mattel sells over 1.5 million dolls; two dolls per second are sold (Toys and Games: Barbie Dolls). The sheer number of Barbie dolls sold is an indication

  • Business Analysis: Mattel

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    Mattel, Inc. is the largest toy company in the world. This company designs, to manufacture, markets, and distributes a large amount of different toy products to over 150 countries worldwide. From Picture Frames to Mattel Toys (1945-49) The founders of Mattel, Inc were Elliot and Ruth Handler 1945, where they lived during a fast changing postwar time. Handler started with designing light fixtures and soon started making furniture, which they sold out of their garage. They extended their product

  • Mattel Catastrophe in China

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    manufactured by Mattel, which was founded in California in 1944, and has dominated the toy market ever since. Barbie helped to create a name and an Empire for Mattel, who later introduced products such as Hot Wheels and Polly Pocket. Mattel, for many years, had a great reputation and produced products that were safe and children loved. Mattel began moving their manufacturing operations overseas about twenty years ago, and until recent years had enjoyed continued success. When Mattel began moving a

  • Mattel Case Study

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    MATTEL- Company Profile PROFILE Mattel is the largest toy manufacturing company in the World. The company has 31,000 employees working towards the vision of ‘Creating the future of play”. The company has net sales worth around 5.70 billion U.S. dollars. With Mattel’s ‘Barbie’ ranked as the #1 toy for over ten years. Mattel is ranked Fifth most socially responsible company in United States. And ranked #403 amongst the Fortune 500 in 2014. Mattel operates in 40 countries. MISSION MATTEL: Raising

  • Mattel Inc. Stock

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    Mattel Inc. (MAT) The Mattel Company, best known for its Barbie dolls, is the world's largest toy maker. In March 1997, it acquired Tyco toys the third largest U.S.-based toy maker. Its product lines include Fisher-Price and Sesame Street preschool items, Disney-related products and Hot Wheel miniature vehicles. They type of industry Mattel is located under, is dolls and stuffed toys, although they have other types of products such as Hot Wheels. This company is under monopolistic competition

  • Mattel and Toy Safety

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    In 2007, the international toy manufacturer, Mattel, Inc. issued several recalls for millions of their products. These recalls were for safety reasons in that testing at the manufacturing sites and special test laboratories showed that millions of their toys were coated with dangerous amounts of lead in the paint. This lead based paint contains a potent neurotoxin that if ingested can cause serious harm to children. Mattel assured the public that the problem would be solved, the recalled products

  • Case Study On Mattel

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    Yes, I do believe that Mattel acted in a socially responsible and ethical manner with regard to the safety of its toys. Back in the 1980’s when Mattel started to shift production to Asia, they were using outside contractors. This concerned Mattel, as they thought the contractors might start imitating and reproducing their products. In the 1990’s Mattel acquired or built production facilities in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore. In 1997, Mattel developed a detailed code

  • Mattel and Toy Safety

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    study, Mattel and Toy Safety, involves toy safety inspection and product recall concerns among outside contractors. In 2007, the infamous toy company, Mattel, recalled a very large number of toy products covered with lead-based paint that were manufactured in China. Mattel responded to the massive toy recall by increasing the testing of all products and reassuring its customers that they will take affirmative action to correct the recall issues as soon possible. In my opinion, I believe Mattel acted