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  • Barbie

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    Barbie Since the beginning of time, toys have often been an indicator of the way a society behaves, and how they interact with their children. For example, in ancient Greece, artifacts recovered there testify that children were simply not given toys to play with as in the modern world. The cruel ritual of leaving a sick child on a hillside for dead, seems to indicate a lack of attention to the young (Lord 16). The same is true of today’s society. As you can see with the number of toy stores

  • Barbie

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    Barbie Good afternoon everyone. I’m Dr. Nikolovski and I’m here to talk to you about the controversial Barbie. Barbie, recently turned 40, is perhaps the most debated about child’s toy in the world. She is sold in over 150 Countries and is known to almost every child and adult worldwide. According to creator Mattel, over 93% of all Australian girls aged between 3 and 10 own at least one Barbie each, and the typical American girl of the same age has on average 9. So what does this model of ‘supposed

  • Barbie

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    Barbara Millicent Roberts, or more popularly known to the world as "Barbie" was was introduced at the American Toy Fair in New York City in February of 1959 by Ruth and Elliot Handler, founders of Mattel Toys. Ruth originally thought of the idea while her daughter, Barbara, was playing with paper dolls. She realized that as her daughter grew older and began to imitate adult conversations and the world around her, she needed a three-dimensional representation of it as well. She shared her idea of

  • To Be or Not to Be Barbie

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    Every woman grows up knowing that they one day want to be beautiful. In Marge Piercy’s “Barbie Doll” she gives an in-depth look at what negative effects the concept of beauty can have on an individual. From infancy to a full-grown adult woman, beauty has been a way of thinking and lifestyle. As a little girl you are given petite shaped, blonde, blue-eyed dolls. While boys are given brawny soldiers and mechanical toys. What do little girls do with these dolls? They put on fresh makeup, change their

  • Barbie Zombies

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    traditional Vodoun theory (White Zombie) to the cosmic radiation theory (Dawn of the Dead). In this scenario, zombies originate in China and come to the United States as Barbie Zombies from the Mattel Xin Yi Factory ("Toys of Misery” 2007). Barre Toelken’s Twin Laws of Folklore dissect the dynamic and conservative aspects of the Zombie Barbie. Such aspects include the master versus slave relationship, materialistic/consumerist life styles, subjectivity and the ideal of pleonexia. Films, such as Halperin’s

  • The Barbie Phenomenon

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    The Barbie Phenomenon The Barbie phenomenon took the world by storm. The creation of the eleven and one–half-inch tall “glam gal” didn’t begin at a large corporation’s drawing board, as some might think. She actually came straight from the hands of her loving “parents”, Ruth and Elliot Handler. The Mattel Corporation, founded by Ruth and Elliot Handler, has successfully marketed the Barbie doll for over four decades and still continues to sell the doll throughout the world. It is amazing

  • Barbie and Women

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    has captured the interest of millions worldwide is Mattel’s Barbie doll. Standing at no more than a foot tall, the Barbie doll has become one of the most iconic images of women. For decades, the doll has sold right off store shelves with its ability to provide a positive role model for young girls and stimulate the imaginations of both the young and old. With her beach blond hair and ownership of almost every pink accessory ever made, Barbie has grown to become one of the most influential dolls of all

  • Hippie Barbie

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    Hippie Barbie, written by Denise Duhamel uses the symbols of the contemporary life of the fairy-tale lifestyle into reality. The words and ideas used in this narrative poem give fantasy a different perspective. It is inferred that the speaker is a female Barbie specialist, who reflects her knowledge by using the popular Barbie doll as the main character. Throughout the poem, she gives key points that have female perspective; for instance, kissing Ken, thinking about having mixed-race children, and

  • Banning Barbie

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    There has always been controversy as to whether Barbie should be banned. Barbie dolls were created decades ago so little girls can play with them and relate to them somehow; therefore, Barbie should not be banned. Barbie dolls are good for society, little girls have understood diversity, and they enjoy playing with them; however drawbacks would be that some little girls do not have the maturity to appreciate the symbolic value of a Barbie doll, it has become an obsession to look like her and, she

  • The Blessing of Barbie

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    I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world! Life in plastic, it’s fantastic! Ask almost anyone and they will be able to continue the Barbie theme song. American businesswoman named Ruth Handler, created the Barbie brand in 1959. Barbie is typically a tall, skinny, blonde who is in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend Ken, and has had at least 100 jobs. Barbie has become an American icon; she is present in almost every girl’s childhood for some period of time. Barbie is a well known, long lasting