The Effects of Adverstisements on Teenagers

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“Advertising is the rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket”-George Orwell. Since 4,000 B.C, there have been all types of advertisements, like billboards and advertisements from outside your home, just to get customers to buy goods or services. Advertising is a form of marketing communication that is used to persuade an audience into taking or continuing to take some action. There are different types of media that advertising use, such as magazines, televisions, newspaper, radio, pop-up ads on the computer, etc. Advertisements in colonial America, was frequently announced about goods which were persuasive and with little description. Benjamin Franklin’s Pennsylvania Gazette reached out to readers with new devices like headlines and illustrations, which gave a visual view and a description. The 18th and 19th century advertisements were not only for consumer goods. Now in the 21st century, an average of 40,000 ads have been seen by people on the internet per year. Different topics from health to fashion to foods are being talked about in every other ad for any type of service. Everyone is affected by advertising, but the people most vulnerable would be teenagers. It has a pervasive influence on teenagers. Advertisement has a huge affect on the lives of teenagers.
Advertisements affect teenagers influence on alcohol and drugs. “Many teenagers experiment with alcohol. By the time they reach their mid teens, around one in two consume alcohol at least occasionally while increasing numbers drink to the point of drunkenness” (New Medical Pg.1 Parag. 3). This demonstrates that teenagers are very curious when it comes to alcohol and when it is football season all they advertise is alcohol and food for watching the games for a fun time. J...

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