The Effects Of Cyberbullying On Children 's Mental Health

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Abolishing Cyberbullying Victims of bullying have been left without a place to hide. The Internet has become the new venue for bullying, known as cyberbullying. For many children the saying “you can run, but you can’t hide “ has become a reality. Cyberbulling is more than a bully picking on someone; it is entertainment for thousands of people on social media sites. Society first had to deal with physical bullying; parents, celebrites and the media intervened to make society aware of this serious problem. Parents, schools and government have to unite as they have before to gain control of this growing problem. The Internet has been plagued with cyberbulling, it is time society steps in and immaculate it. First, they must understand how cyberbullying affects their children. In the article, Bullying Linked to Poor Mental Health, a study has found that “bullying by peers scars children’s mental health over the long haul as much as-or more than-abuse by adults does.” Child abuse hurts children emotionally and physically and several government agencies have been made to protect these children; more should be implemented for victims of cyberbullying. Unlike a playground where a child may run away and not get hit, in cyberbullying there is nowhere to hide. According to Jeff Chu, “when cyberbullying slashes, it can be a sign of emotional or psychological problems.” He also points out, "The kids who are victimized seem to be heavily involved in bullying others “ which he based on the Clemson study. Many parents have spoken out about the effects cyberbulling has had on their children; some of these children chose to commit suicide then bare the pain of cyberbullying. In the article, Cyberbulling takes a Toll in an Instant “To children ages... ... middle of paper ... ...ttend “cyber workshops” and learn how to monitor their children’s online behavior. Cyberbullying is everyone’s problem and it takes everyone to make a change. The Internet is here to stay, for many, it has become as important as groceries. Cyberbullying is no longer “someone else’s problem” and should not be seen as “kids play.” Victims of cyberbulling must have somewhere to go or someone to go to. Children may see their parents as interfering with their life, but that shouldn’t matter, it is for their well-being. Schools should form a group of counselors, law enforcement and social workers to address cyberbulling and bullying regardless of where it takes place. As for those who witness cyberbulling and don’t report it, they should be sanctioned as those who don’t report child abuse. Parents, schools and government must form an alliance to combat this social problem

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