The Sociological Effects Of Cyberbullying

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Introduction The topic I chose to write about for the key assessment is bullying. Bullying can be described as a type of repeated aggressive behavior among school aged children where a student causes physical, emotional, or social power imbalance to another. Traditionally, bullying was done on school grounds and was easier for teachers and school administrators to prevent. However, with the rapid growth in student use of technology, bullies have used electronic platforms to send harmful messages to recipients. While physical bullying and violence towards other students should never be acceptable, the lasting emotional effect on students is also something to consider. This topic deals with the sociological approach to teaching that was covered…show more content…
This sort of phenomenon makes major headlines regularly in recent times and effects a clear majority of today’s youth. State and local lawmakers have taken steps to prevent this type of bullying by making illegal under several criminal law codes. Michele Hamm, a researcher in pediatrics explained, “There were consistent associations between exposure to cyberbullying and increased likelihood of depression.” Cyberbullying became widespread among students with the rapid growth in use of cellular devices and the Internet. With this kind of technology bullies have the ability to send harmful messages to their recipients at any given time. This type of bullying is the hardest to control because it involves students but often happens off school grounds. However, because the evidence is material, students and parents could bring this evidence to the school and local police departments if a situation were to happen. Parents should be mindful of their child’s use of the internet and electronic messaging, cyberbullying usually takes place in a medium in which adults are seldom present (Mason, 2008). Also, instead of sending direct messages to other students, bullies use platforms such as social media and anonymous blogs to post harmful things for others to see. Educators must understand the significance of social media use to their students, especially…show more content…
The first tier and arguably the most important is the students. Students should have an expectation of how to treat others and feel comfortable telling a teacher if there is a situation they need help with. Teachers should look out for early signs of bullying and think of an effective strategy to stop it. Personally, I believe that ‘team-based’ learning is the most effective method of reducing bullying. By creating a team atmosphere, students should be more encouraged to work together and give each other support to achieve a common goal. Offering incentives for everyone to perform well could distract students who are likely to bully their classmates. Next, administrators carry the important task of monitor student behavior trends and implement school policies to combat bullying. My suggestion for administrative policy against bullying is the ‘zero-tolerance’ method. Bullying in any form is unacceptable and should not be allowed on school
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