The Effect of Different Concentrations of Salt Solution on Potato Tissue

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The Effect of Different Concentrations of Salt Solution on Potato Tissue

My preliminary work involves me preparing for my actual experiment. I

will do the experiment and record my findings; however it is merely a

practice for the real thing. This will allow me to correct any

mistakes that I may make in this task and allow me to change them, if

needed, in the forthcoming project.

Apparatus list for my preliminary investigation:

* Cork borer.

* Potato,

* Salt solution (0 – 100% solution),

* Distilled Water,

* Ruler,

* Knife,

* Beakers (100ml capacity),

* Stop watch,

* Tile (for cutting the potato on),

* Measuring Cylinder,

Solutions I will be using for my preliminary work:

* 0.2 molar salt solution – 20ml salt solution and 80ml of distilled


* 0.4 molar salt solution – 40ml salt solution and 60ml of distilled


* 0.6 molar salt solution – 60ml salt solution and 40ml of distilled


* 0.8 molar salt solution – 80ml salt solution and 20ml of distilled


* 1.0 molar salt solution – 100ml salt solution and 0ml of distilled


I left the potato pieces, all near enough equal sizes, over the

weekend in the solutions of salt. I recorded the general findings

only. The more accurate and detailed measurements would be documented

in the actual experiment. As already discussed the preliminary work

was only for organizational purposes.

This is what I noticed from my preliminary experiment:

* The stronger the salt solution (more salt), the lighter the weight

of the potato.

* The weaker the salt solution (less salt), the heavier the weight
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