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  • The Process of Porting and Polishing a Cylinder Head

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    There are many steps to Porting and Polishing, six to be exact. There are many tools that will be needed in this process too. Porting and Polishing is just basically when you just smooth out the ports where the air flows through the head into the cylinder without restriction. You will get two effects out of this. You will have more horsepower do to colder and more denser air. You will also get better gas mileage. This research paper will discuss how to port and polish a head. First step would be

  • Investigating How Surface Area Affects the Method Rate of the Catalase Reaction

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    · Measuring cylinder · Delivery tube · Test tubes · Test tube holder · Bung · Thermometer · Stop watch Labelled diagram of the apparatus Method To calculate the surface area you have to no the radius of the top of your cylinder of avocado and the length. The length is 5cm and the radius is 5mm, so we calculated (using r²): Π x 2.5² = 19.63 (this is the area of a circle, therefore the top of the cylinder). We then calculated how big the cylinder was, so we

  • Applications of Physics For Different Industries

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    INTRODUCTION Physics attempts to describe the fundamental nature of the universe and how it works, always striving for the simplest explanations common to the most diverse behaviour. For example, physics explains why rainbows have colours, what keeps a satellite in orbit, and what atoms and nuclei are made of. The goal of physics is to explain as many things as possible using as few laws as possible, revealing nature's underlying simplicity and beauty. Physics has been applied in many industrial

  • An Ekphrasis of John Hedjuk's Drawing 'Study for Wall House'

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    This report is an ekphrasis of John Hejduk’s drawing “Study for Wall House.” Ekphrasis writings intend to compare and unite elements that may be physically visible and elements that may be more conceptual. This report will endeavor to visualize Hejduk’s drawing through the views of physical and metaphysical elements, to expose connections through visual and conceptual perspectives. Located within the silent forest of special collections is Hejduk’s drawing, “Study for Wall House.” The temperature

  • Internal Combustion Engines

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    Most motor vehicles today use an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) to give them power to drive down the road; ICEs are a form of a heat engine. Gasoline is burned to push a piston, which in return forces the car down the road. As the gas in the cylinder is ignited and expanded it forces the piston down the shaft. The force is carried through piston, which is connected to a crankshaft. The force moves through the transmission, down the driveshaft, and out the tires. The Otto Cycle is used to turn

  • The reason AMA supercross went from 2 stroke to 4 stroke race bikes

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    bike is also cooled by a radiator and coolant in the radiator. The coolant being antifreeze. The 2 stroke motor is a 2 cycle engine which means every 2 cycle of the engine there is 1 power stroke. The 2 stroke has a cylinder in which It has a two holes in the bottom of the cylinder when the piston comes down and the holes are opened the gases that were just burnt and exploded are pushed out of one hole by new air and new gases coming in through the other whole. Then the piston goes back up and closes

  • The Process Of An Internal Combustion Engine

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    and this is attached to the accelerator (gas pedal) by a cable. The further the gas pedal is depressed, the greater amou... ... middle of paper ... ...Now, as the piston moves up on the exhaust stroke, it forces the burned gases out of the cylinder through the exhaust port. When the piston reaches the top of its travel, the exhaust valve closes, and the intake valve opens. The cycle repeats again with the intake stroke. The four strokes are continuously repeated during the operation of the

  • Four Geometry Formulas

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    formula for finding its perimeter, area, volume, or surface area. Therefore, we will only focus on four formulas for four singular shapes or figures. We will find the perimeter of a square, the area of a triangle, the volume of a right circular cylinder and the total surface area of a sphere. The first formula will correspond to finding the perimeter of a square. For the following formula P will stand for the perimeter and s will represent the side length of the square. The perimeter of a square

  • Comparing an Eight Cylinder Camaro and a Six Cylinder Camaro

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    Comparing an Eight Cylinder Camaro and a Six Cylinder Camaro The purpose of this report is to compare the six-cylinder Camaro (RS), to the eight-cylinder Camaro (Z/28) to see which one is most suitable. The specific areas I studied, based on primary and secondary sources are Performance, Gas Mileage and Price of each automobile. The Z/28 and the R/S are simply two models of a Chevrolet sport-car based on options. The Camaro has become a legend dominating the market for more than three decades

  • O'Neill Cylinders

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    into space". While some speak of moonbases, or planet-side bases, one of the most intriguing ideas is the O'Neill Cylinder. Gerard K. O'Neill created the O'Neill Cylinder in his book "The High Frontier". An O'Neill Cylinder consists of two cylinders which counter-rotate around each other, each one has a two mile (3 kilometer) radius, and a 20 mile (30 kilometer) length. The two cylinders counter-rotate to create simulated gravity by centripetal force: everything is pushed to the outer wall due to