The Dangers Of Air Pollution

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Air pollution
Atmosphere is the air that surrounds the Earth. It helps to protect the earth and allow life to exist. It also protects us from the intense heat of the sun and the cold temperature at night time. Without it, we would be burned during the day or frozen by the very low temperatures at night. Air pollution are additional gas, particles or odors that are introduced into the air to deform this natural balance and cause harm to living things. Pollutants are things that pollute the air. It includes nitrogen oxide, sulphur oxides, carbon monoxides, sand or dust particles, hydrocarbons, and organic compounds that can evaporate and come into the atmosphere. The Primary and Secondary pollutants are the two types of pollutants. Gases or particles
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In a typical manufacturing plant, you will notice that there are long tubes erected high into the air wherein lots of smoke and fumes come out. Power plants, waste incinerators and manufacturing industries emit high levels of organic compounds, carbon monoxide, and chemicals into the air. Petroleum refineries also release lots of hydrocarbons into the air. Next human activity is burning fossil fuels. Transportation has become an essential part of our lives brought about by the industrial age. Vehicles like automobile, trucks, airplanes, trains and shipping vessels all use lots of fossil fuels to be able to function accordingly. Emissions from engines of said vehicles contain both primary and secondary pollutants. This is considered a major cause of pollution, and one that is very difficult to deal with. It is for the reason that humans rely mainly on vehicles and engines for moving people, good and services. Dangerous gases such as oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and particulates are smoke from car exhaust. They are harmful to people who breathe them. Furthermore, toxic gases are created when they react with environmental gases. Household and farming products that emit harmful chemicals that also pollute the air are household cleaning products, fumigating homes, painting supplies, crop dusting, over the counter insect/pest killers and fertilizer dust. If we breathe them when there is no or minimal ventilation, we may fall

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