The Confession Tapes

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“It’s difficult to believe a human being would inflict so much pain and… so much brutality towards another human being,” said Detective Daniel Villars. In the documentary, “The Confession Tapes: 8th and H”, emphasizes on how a false confession tape ruined the lives of five innocent teenagers. Catherine Fuller was the victim of the brutal assault and murder that occurred at the alley of 8th and h street. The documentary argues that the suspects of the murder were teenage boys that were classified as “wolfpack” by the media. Some of them were questioned without their parent’s knowledge, and were all questioned for hours and hours without any break. There were found guilty for the crimes and sentenced 35 years to-life for a murder they didn't…show more content…
A good chunk of the people in jail right now are being punished for a crime that they did not commit. A good example of this is the boy’s that were wrongfully convicted for the the murder of Catherine Fuller. According to Alexandra Natapoff (2016), “45.9 percent of documented wrongful capital convictions have been traced to false informant testimony... Horror stories abound of lying jailhouse snitches and paid informants who frame innocent people in pursuit of cash or lenience for their own crimes.” In making this quote, Natapoff claims how people are willing to lie on other people for their one benefits. Calvin Harris, from the documentary was one of the suspect of the murder of Mrs.Fuller and was one of the government's main key evidence on why the other four boy’s received a long lengthy sentence. Calvin made a false testimony in court and acted out a false event of how the murder happened based on the words and stories the news media stated. He did this because he thought he would get of of jail, but instead he received a shorter sentence. A situation like the 8th and 8 street conviction is an example of how people are striped of their freedom for crimes they did not…show more content…
In the national registration of exoneration, 2111 people being released for a crime they didn't commit. Out of the 2111 people, 985 were black and the other 1126 were a combination of caucasian, hispanic and others. The statistics shows that, almost half of the people exonerated were innocent black people. A black person that is convicted of murdering a white victim is 50% more likely to be innocent of that crime. The law enforcement targeting black males, as caused society to see black males in a dangerous point of view. The story Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old boy who was gunned down because his killer George zimmerman chose to not listen to the police instruction. On his way home after buying a bag of skittles and a can of iced tea from 7-eleven Trayvon was approached by Zimmerman. Zimmerman confronted Trayvon because he suspected him of doing something, which resulted in both men fighting on the floor. Tayvion was killed during this altercation by Zimmerman’s gun, and zimmerman was arrested for it. Even after ignoring the police instruction of not to approach Trayvon, he was released on the plea of self defense. According to Blow (2012), “One other point:Trayvon is black Zimmerman is not.” In making this case, Blow acknowledge the theory of how the death of black males are not taken seriously by law
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