The Code Of Ethics In The Courtroom

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For my career, I feel like I will need a specific set of ethics along with basic, general ethics every job would need. When/if I attend Law School, ethics will be needed here as well. In the court room, professionalism is very important. Your word is incredibly important and if someone finds your word unworthy, your credibility is gone and your word does not mean anything any longer. The code of ethics I have created for myself will include: honesty/integrity, sincerity, representing your client in the best of your ability- do not make it a competition, provide all evidence you have- even if it weakens your case, and keeping professionalism not only inside the courtroom but also outside the courtroom. The first code of ethics I used is honesty.…show more content…
It is crucial in the legal system to keep our professionalism not only inside of the courtroom, but also outside of the courtroom. You do not bring the courtroom news and spread it all over the county. Keep trials private and only disclose information about it inside of the courtroom. Keep your character valid and honest outside of the courtroom. If your caught doing something your not supposed to do outside of the courtroom, this can hurt your credibility and this can hurt you in the courtroom. You 're only as worthy as your word itself- try keeping your character…show more content…
I feel like one’s loyalties shouldn’t lie directly and solely on one thing. Every person is different, and we absorb our loyalties from different measures. I think one should always be loyal to the law, but not solely on the law. One will use his or her discretion to do a particular thing based on what he/she thinks is right. I was brought up learning about God and have established certain things that are right and wrong based on what the Bible says. This can be a good and bad thing in the field. One will need to establish a boundary to how much of their religion they can use in their field. I would use professional loyalties from my superiors as well in order to establish a relationship with them. My loyalties will not solely rely on my superiors either and if corruption takes place, I will have to use discretion to decide who is at greater harm and to keep my honesty I promised to in my code of ethics. I feel like I should also be loyal to my clients and the public. Clients information should be kept private and not given to anyone else that the information does not pertain to. A client relationship needs to be established to make things easier to work with. The public does not need such a close relationship as the rest, although a public relationship is important. We need to take into consideration the public is also the media which sends out a message that could be

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